Comment Contest: Give Dean Hinkson a Nickname!

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So Barnard has a new Dean, and her name is Avis Hinkson. I mean, that’s a name. We’ve got PrezBo and MiMoo, we had Double D, we’ve got DSpar. Now it’s Hinkson’s turn. Whoever leaves the best suggestion wins some fancy beer from Milano and a Morningside pastry of your choosing (like a dozen Nussbaum black and white cookies). And… go!



  1. taking a shot  


  2. Anonymous  

    The Hinkster

  3. Anonymous  

    "Barnard Betty"

  4. how about


    Or, auf Deutsch, Die Hinks?

  5. Anonymous  

    Jar Jar Hinks

  6. Anonymous  

    Dean Avis Hickson
    Dean Avishickson
    Dean Avison

  7. Anonymous  

    Ave Hinkon (presidential, no?)


    Da Vinki

  8. Ahh procrastination...  

    Hinky Dink
    D Hinks

  9. you know my ip  

    rinky hink
    The Incredible Hink
    Da Hink
    That new girl
    Dean Khinky

    I think we could do better after we know some more things about her. Like her quirks and if she is a jogger.

  10. how about?

    boo boo kitty fuck

  11. music major  

    Ickle Hickle

  12. Anonymous  

    DHink (it out):

    Kinky Hinky
    AH son!
    Better than Hipster, it's Hinkster!
    Think Hink, son
    Mavis Hinkson (play on Mavis Beacon? no? lol)
    Avy Hinky

  13. why has no one suggested  


  14. simple  

    How about just "AHink"?

  15. Rental Car  

    She tries harder

  16. Anonymous

    queen vag
    vag queen

  17. Lycian Sarpedon  


    She's a licensed non-denominational minister:

  18. Anonymous

    Hinkus. Like Minkus from Boy Meets World, but different.

  19. Ben Weiner  

    Davis Hinkson Teaches Typing

  20. Anonymous  

    keep it simple D-hicks(however you want to pronounce that)

  21. Anonymous  

    Hulk Hickson, brother

  22. Anonymous  

    Avis Rent-a-Hink

  23. alum

    what about:

    we try harder (as in the avis slogan) it could be wordy, could become WTH, try harder.

    but that is working too hard. Alas I think just Avis is such a great name, you don't need a nickname.

  24. Anonymous

    sexual harassment panda

  25. Anonymous  

    Dean Hinx

    nuff said

  26. Feniosky is a badass name  

    is there no widely accepted one for dean peña mora?
    ÑaMo? (might be tough for non-spanish speakers)

  27. everyone has to  


  28. quite apt...

    Oppugno is the incantation of a spell that causes birds created by the Avis spell to attack a (not always) innocent passerby.
    It is also possible that this spell could be used to cause other items to attack a person. Little is known about this spell, as it was only used once, by Hermione in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She uses the spell on Ron after he enters, with Lavender Brown, a classroom that she hid in.

  29. a thought?  

    how about instead of Avis, we try harder, we just call her #2?

  30. how about...  

    Hinker the Heavy Drinker
    Hinker the Dink Shrinker
    Hink the Missing Link

  31. Anonymous  


  32. Minifridge  

    2 in the hink, 1 in the...

  33. Anonymous  

    Dean Avinky
    sHAvink (pronounced sha-vink)

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