Personals: Owen Crawford, BC ’14

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Valentine’s Day is just three short days away, and we’re reviving Personals just in time. Don’t wallow in sadness again this year! Our bachelorette for this first round is Owen Crawford, BC ’14. If you’re interested, send us a note at, and we’ll set you up with a date and $10. There’s still plenty of time to submit your own Personal as well!

Name, Year, School, Major: Owen “Jack” Crawford, 2014, Barnard, Art History/Premed (yes, I’m a girl who goes by Jack even though my legal name is Owen Sean)

Preference: Girl for gay best friend

Hometown: San Francisco

Your dream date in seven words or less: “Spring Awakening” sing-along followed by frozen yogurt.

What redeems you as a human being? I have pretty mermaid hair and you can recognize me by my laugh from a mile away. It’s been calculated.

Choice aphrodisiac: Perfect harmonies and matching blazers.

Most romantic spot in Morningside: I don’t believe in any romance other than the Romantic movement.

Sexiest animal (interpret as you will): Anteaters. No need for explanation.

Historical Hottie: Gene Kelly!



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  1. here they come  

    the misogynist comments


  2. Sling  

    Will they put out on the first date?

  3. Anonymous  

    Can you please explain how the "preference" thing works? what does x "for" y mean??

  4. wait

    both these bitches are gay?

  5. cc'11  

    these are both really great personals, bwog!

  6. Chaz Bono  

    Owen is cute. But I can't tell if she wants a boy or a girl!!

  7. Anonymous


    She's the awesomest girl evaar. Cute smile, cute laugh.

  8. Rawree  

    aww Ye is such an awesome person!!!

  9. Are we guaranteed

    a date? what happens if they're not interested in me?

  10. Anonymous  

    It is immensely validating to know that I'm not the only one with a crush on Ada Lovelace.

  11. Anonymous

    hmm... if only the Crawford here is Chace Crawford....

  12. Anonymous  


  13. plz  

    Can I have the cat?

  14. D  

    "What redeems you as a human being?"

    I could never do this.

    I have no redeeming qualities, I'm into S&M, killing ants turns me on, and I steal fruit from Appletree all the fucking time.

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