Personals: Kyla, CC ’13 and Mike Mournighan, SEAS ’13

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Valentine’s Day is TODAY, and we’ve got more Personals for you last-minute lovers. Don’t wallow in sadness again this year! Our eligible student bodies this time are Kyla, CC ’13 and Michael Mournighan, SEAS ’13. If any of these two interest you, send us a note at, and we’ll set you up right quick with a date and $10. And just cause we feel it in the air… today will be our last day for Personal submissions, so get ’em in!

Mike Mournighan, SEAS ’13

Name, Year, School, Major: Kyla, 2013, CC, Creative Writing/Computer Science

Preference: Girl for guy

Hometown: Demarest… New Jersey

Your dream date in seven words or less: Pie.

What redeems you as a human being? Er, Nina Simone’s Ain’t Got No, I Got Life is my #6 most played? This is probably because… I enjoy dancing in room in my underwear a lot (sorry roomie, now you know). I really do hope that is a redeeming tidbit… and not an embarrassing one. Though it’s probably the latter, isn’t it :(

Choice aphrodisiac: A ripe apple. Possibly an Empire or a Stayman’s Winesap? From Samascott? Mmm

Most romantic spot in Morningside: Riverside Park. Admittedly, one of the most dangerous. It’s part of the appeal!

Sexiest animal (interpret as you will): Gerbils. Their fondness for procreation –> childhood trauma

Historical Hottie: Alan Turing!

Name, Year, School, Major: Mike Mournighan, 2013, SEAS, Computer Engineering

Preference: Lad for Lass

Hometown: Mexico, NY – Yes, it exists.

Your dream date in seven words or less: Witty banter and a long walk.

What redeems you as a human being? I work hard to make life entertaining.

Choice aphrodisiac: Homemade BLT with garden fresh tomatoes.

Most romantic spot in Morningside: Top of the stairway over looking 120th behind Pupin/CEPSR

Sexiest animal (interpret as you will): Rapidash because Jonny took the miniature stallion…

Historical Hottie: Sacagawea



  1. anonymous  


  2. Anonymous  

    Kyla is awesome! So much fun :)

  3. 2013  

    kyla ive have a crush on you for a while. but im afraid to tell you in person. :(

  4. oh boy

    kyla, riverside is not that dangerous.

    mike, i am a woman who appreciates a good blt. throw a little avocado in there, we're golden.

  5. mmm  

    I wants me some mournighan

  6. ahhh!  

    kyla youre the best!!

  7. Alan Turing  

    Even hotter after court-mandated castration.

  8. wait  

    why don't they just date each other? perfect match (and $20 in the bag).

  9. How does  

    the 10 dollars work? do both parties receive 10 dollars? If you get more than one date, do you get 10 more dollars? fucking explain it Learned!

  10. Anonymous  

    Alan Turing = best answer so far

  11. come on!  

    does mike have a beard? if so, yummers. if not, still yummers.

  12. Anonymous  

    when do we (people who posted a personal) find out who we are dating?

  13. Mike is epic  

    ~A Fellow /b/ro

  14. Anonymous  

    Kyla and Mike should go on a date.

  15. Anonymous  

    Kyla is super smart and cool--worked with her this summer!

  16. Johnny Appleseed  

    My new differentiation strategy: name-dropping deviant apple cultivars that you haven't heard of!

  17. Anonymous

    how tall is mike?

  18. So...  

    what can Bwog Personals do for guys who aren't into asian girls? They all have been except for that one that posted a picture where you cant see her face.

  19. Anonymous  

    Kyla is THE BEST!!!!

    Also, she is gorgeous. That is all.

  20. woo!  

    Kyla is awesome. Hope she gets someone super cool!

  21. former classmate

    kyla's pretty funny. very dry.

    ask her about the story where a female character randomly jumps off a cliff.

  22. Mind Blown  

    In all my years of playing pokemon, I never until now realized that there is an 'i' in 'Rapidash'.

  23. Anonymous  

    im running a nearest neighbor search to find these kids so i can force them on a date...

  24. Anonymous  

    fuck yeah computers

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