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Athena, now with aphlaston

The 2011 Barnard Greek Games are just around the corner. Togas will be donned, flags will be captured, discuses will be thrown, togas will be tie dyed—in short, all the fanfare and festivities of ancient Greek athletics are on their way. But without its heroes, what is the Greece of antiquity? The Greek Games needs class captains. An email sent to students from The Greek Games Committee:

Do you want to lead your class to victory? We are looking for students from each year who would like to serve as class leaders during the games. Class captains will carry their class torches during opening ceremony and accept the trophy on behalf of the winning class! Interested? Think one of your friends would do a great job as class captain? Email with name, class year and email address!

And here’s the schedule, now finalized:

Sunday, April 10th
7:30–7:45 pm: Torch Race in front of Barnard Hall into LeFrak

8–8:30 pm: Opening Ceremonies in LeFrak

8:30–9:30 pm: Symposium and Toga Party!

Monday, April 11th
11 am–1 pm: Lunch and Games on Lehman Lawn (including Discus Throwing, Hoop Rolling, Tug of War and Chariot Performances)

1–2 pm: More Games in LeFrak (including Archery)

5:30–6:30 pm: Yoga on the Diana Roof

7:30–9 pm: Capture the Flag and ice cream party on Lehman Lawn

Tuesday, April 12th
11:30–2:15 pm: Various Events on Lehman Lawn including lunch, student performances, Greek Trivia, and Tie Dye a Toga

5:45–6:45 pm: Plato’s Pilates

7–8 pm: Closing Ceremonies in LeFrak

8–9:30 pm: Symposium and Toga Party!

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  1. Anonymous  

    seriously? wtf barnard? why do you have to be wasting my $$ on ice cream and tie dye making parties? is this what i should expect in the real world next year once I've graduated come may?

  2. ...  

    what? no campus-wide game of cops and dealers?

  3. Grecian  

    Woohoo SOOO excited, thanks greek games committee, can't wait to get free shiz


    is going to be f'ing AWESOME!!!

  5. CU  

    Are the Greek Games only for Barnard students?



  7. Anonymous  

    loooks supa supa coool!!!!!

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