Things You Never Knew You Never Knew

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Twenty-fifteen, we know you think you know a lot. That is why campus is filled with conversation like this:

[Group of COOP freshpeople walking up Broadway]
Freshgirl: “I am like in love with Banksy.”
Freshboy: “Yeah he’s like a big deal.”

But there’s so much left to learn. Bwog rounded up some of the things that now seem so commonplace it’s almost silly. But we were in your shoes once, and we’re here to help. The trick to this guide is to read Urban Dictionary when no one is looking:

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  1. Umm  

    What about the Sandwich Guy?

  2. Were You Aware?

    Not only is American cheese not real cheese, but it is also the devil.

  3. Lollerpops

    In some parts, American cheese is classified as a "cheese analogue"

  4. Gin Rummy

    Oh shit. These were some serious unknown unknowns!

  5. Anonymous

    American cheese is, for all intents and purposes, cheese. Not calling it cheese is kind of splitting hairs.

  6. Anonymous

    Can't believe you left "Social Construct" off the list.

  7. bahahaha  

    candyflipping... oh the memories...

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