Laptop Thefts Continue in Hartley

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Some worrisome news: after the laptop theft in Theta yesterday, multiple tipsters report that two laptops, an iPad and several credit cards were stolen from Hartley 8, Suite A, earlier tonight. Soon after, a Hartley RA sent out an email to her residents confirming that three rooms were robbed. Another tipster spotted uniformed NYPD officers leaving a Hartley elevator with a strange laptop-esque device, possibly a LoJack tracker. Keep your doors locked, people. If you see something, say something.

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  1. Anonymous  

    You probably shouldn't use that last sentence, Bwog. MTA is already getting sued by an anti-child molestation group for using it.

  2. Hmm  

    Perhaps this is the 9/11 anniversary plot everyone's talking about.

  3. Anonymous  

    if someone tries to steal my laptop this semester, dem bitches are gonna get CUT.

  4. Anonymous  

    Thefts in the Barnard quad last week too.

  5. Anonymous  

    laptop and wallet stolen in Hartley 5B as well... :(

  6. Anonymous

    virginity stolen last night. I blame barnard.

  7. Daytime tv talk show  

    Somebody leave their door cracked open, so when the thief walks in you can pounce their ass. Then we'll know who done it

  8. Actually  

    The laptops were confiscated by Student Financial Services, sold on eBay, and the proceeds were credited towards your unpaid tuition,

  9. RC  

    Y'all should install the software called PCPhoneHome, which is provided for free by CUIT. It runs invisibly in the background and if a laptop with PCPhoneHome installed is stolen Public Safety and the cops can track its location and get it back for you.

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