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Last night, Bwog spotted a public safety officer guarding the door to Theta’s brownstone. We’ve learned from tipsters that an unidentified male walked into Theta yesterday, pretended to be friends with one of the girls, stole three four laptops, and left.

Later that evening, Director of Residential Programs Stephanie Nixon sent an email to the presidents and house managers of Greek organizations with brownstones. While making sure not to blame the Theta girls for the theft, she explained that “the individual was seen by multiple residents but it was assumed that the individual was a guest of someone in the house” and encouraged them to be more careful about letting strangers into their houses.

Hello Presidents & House Managers-

I am sending this message out to current Presidents and House Managers for chapters in brownstone residences. Earlier today, several items were stolen from one of the brownstones. The individual was seen by multiple residents but it was assumed that the individual was a guest of someone in the house. While it is absolutely not the fault of anyone who was present in any way, I also feel it is important to remind folks across the community to be thinking about safety and who accesses your brownstones.

If someone you do not know attempts to follow you in or asks you to let them in, simply ask them to contact whomever it is they are there to see. You can attribute this to the residential policies on access if it is helpful.

Please remember if you observe someone you do not recognize in the house, that these brownstones are intended to be your homes. It is okay to ask who they are visiting in the house. If this does not feel comfortable or you feel concerned or unsafe for any reason, please do not hesitate to call Public Safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Public Safety’s emergency number is 212-854-5555. Keep this number handy at all times.

If you have questions or other concerns, let me know via email at or call my office at 212-854-9134.

Stephanie Nixon

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  1. ouch  

    must suck to be the girl who let him in

  2. Anonymous  

    so... doesn't anyone in theta remember what he looked like?

  3. Anonymous  

    aren't there cameras outside theta like there are on every other inch of this campus?

  4. Twitch

    A crime was committed in Theta. They should lose their house. And be put on three year probation.

  5. seriously

    whoever got their laptop stolen is the biggest idiot. haha

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