Student Walkout Planned in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

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With the Occupy Wall Street movement gaining momentum and national attention, Columbia students and faculty alike have been getting involved.  CU Activists is planning on taking it a step further with a campus-wide walkout of classes at 3:30 pm today. In addition to the current talking points (economic inequality, lack of proper Wall Street regulation, etc.), today’s march aims to draw attention to rising tuition rates and student debt.

The walk-out will is being organized in unison with similar walkouts at SUNY and CUNY campuses. Columbia organizers will be taking questions in front of Butler from 11am to 4pm today. Here are the details from their Facebook event page:

“We will meet outside campus gates and take the subway down to City Hall, where we’ll join the Community/Labor March in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, endorsed by dozens of NYC unions and community groups including the United Federation of Teachers, SEIU 32BJ and SEIU 1199, the Transit Workers Union Local 100, Make the Road New York, New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts, the Alliance for Quality Education, and more!”

Spotted flyer tipped by Caitlin Watson

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  1. Very for free speach but...

    I wish when protestors gathered together in such a publicized and potentially effective way they would try to promote more knowledge of what you want or what you are even protesting. Some of the signs I see at the protests have included "End Globalism" and "Industrial society-murder" and "nazi wall street". So please, be part of the effective protestors!! not the ones tainting the credibility of the protest

  2. jk  

    maybe that one guy can write an oped in spec again about how fantastic it feels to be part of a mob.

  3. Hey!  

    Don't step on any homeless people on the way!

  4. Columbia wont protest  

    because they are the people that are being protested against. Just children and their trends who will go back to their mac book pro after yelling about inequality.

    --James Harvard Dean

  5. huh  

    People pay how much to go to school here and cut classes? Makes all the financial aid awards seem worth it.

    Oh, and, by the way, the labor unions, especially the public ones (that's you SEIU) are also part of the problem with the country's economic situation.

    • Oh lord

      Not ANOTHER naive and uninformed anti-union person.

    • Me  

      People cut classes all the time to sleep, get silly drunk, and even dress up in a green suit and walk around campus. But now when people do it to make a statement and participate in something meaningful it becomes a problem? I know you didn't state explicitly whether you care about the difference I made above but I don't see you whining when theres a bwog post about playing hookey.

  6. Anonymous

    I realize that the protests are not for Native American rights, but this was brought up in class today and we should not forget the history of the space

  7. What we need  

    is educated minds, not irritated adolescents. These are significant, nuanced problems that this country is facing and ditching class to complain will not do anything meaningful. Stay in class, learn as much as you can, and change things for the better in a substantive manner.

    • Anonymous  

      Ah yes, the "angry kids" stereotype - way to make sure that no one will take their good ideas seriously!

    • Anonymous  

      oh yeah! great idea! wait until you graduate, then go to grad school, then get through the meaningless-entry-level-position phase, then get an awesome job where you can actually make a difference. BUT WAIT. Now you have kids! and bills to pay! and so many other responsibilities! No way you're to risk everything now... what difference can one person make anyway...?

      Fuck that dude, if you have the privilege to protest and you care about this, go do something about it now.

    • are you serious

      Because the answer to America's glaring inequality problem was going to be discussed today, and only today, between 2:40 and 3:55, in Fayerweather. No latecomers allowed.

      If skipping class one time turned everyone into a slack-jawed idiot, everyone who ever took Econometrics would be a mindless zomb....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  8. Anonymous  

    if i have an exam is this a good enough reason to leave and not take it?

  9. Anonymous  

    If these protestors were worth their salt, they'd walk downtown rather than using the MTA and thereby supporting an institution that stands against their values...

  10. Philosoraptor

    If I don't have class, can I still participate in a walk out?

  11. Anonymous  

    I don't always mace innocent protesters, but when I do, they are women.

  12. Anonymous  

    gg no re noobs.

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