Overseen: Cum On Everyone, Be A Little More Mature

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It’s been hard to ignore the onslaught of sex-related tips we’ve received lately, so please consider this a PSA: stop being so immature! Seriously, you guys, just cut it out. Because we at Bwog think potty humor, euphemistic headlines, and double-entendre-ridden tags are totally juvenile and not funny. At all.

In fact, we didn’t even begin to crack a smile at the following reconstruction of Carman 8’s bulletin board. Nor did we do that embarrassing snort-y thing in public to keep from releasing even one beat of a chuckle:

It would probably be for the best if whoever takes down this display wears a pair (or nine) of gloves.

Same goes for this warning sign, posted above a bag of free condoms on Furnald 7. We interpreted the sentiment with complete sincerity, and support the effort:

Nip slips, however, will still be permitted and, in sooth, encouraged.


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  1. Isn't

    a chasity floor on Furnald like an "Engineers Only" sign in Mudd?

  2. Anonymous  

    bwog gets more self referential by the day

  3. Anonymous  

    Correction! This was Carman 12 not Carman 8. I would like our floor to have the rightful credit for this one.

  4. Anonymous  

    Just the tip

  5. Anonymous  

    lol, these freshman are creative

  6. Anonymous  

    Poor freshies in Furnald. I sincerely hope that's a joke (though when I was in Furnald, it wasn't like I was getting any, anyway...)...

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