Let the Pop-Psychology Begin

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Was it a man desperately trying to assert his diminishing virility by grand public spectacle? Was it a woman whose deep-seated resentment manifests itself with obsessive depictions of the enemy? Was it an inebriated freshman who wanted to do something to show his new friends that he could be cool too, brah? We’ll probably never know.

BITCHES BE CRAZY by Anonymous (2011) Snow on grass

hat tip to Sophie Qian

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  1. Anonymous  


  2. And so again  

    begins Columbia's obsession with the penis: http://dicksatcolumbia.tumblr.com/

  3. Anonymous  

    has to be a SEAS kid. do you see how straight that shaft is and the symmetrical curvature of the tip?!

  4. Anonymous  

    i believe it actually says BITCHS BE CRAZY.

  5. Whew  

    For a few hours there, I was worried we might have a penis-less snow storm. The horror!

  6. Gator  

    Bitches be Frontin'

    If your girl has the right to an opinion, she's NOT right for you bro!

  7. Anonymous  

    I see the start of a new winter trend.

  8. Anonymous  

    i thought this was HILARIOUS, until i saw the one guy who had to go out in the cold and rake the whole thing...then i just felt kinda bad ...

  9. sad

    part is this is the most action this kid's gotten in the last year...

  10. Uncle Ben

    With great snowstorms comes great immaturity.

  11. boh

    bitches be crazy enough to ride that dick

  12. ...  

    even at 100ft long, it's not terribly useful if you never seem to score...

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