You Have Until 5pm to Save Your GPA

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Actually things aren’t nearly that apocalyptic. Today marks the Pass/D/Fail deadline for CC, Barnard and GS.

Cut yourself some slack, friends. Pass/D/ Fail is a glorious invention that melts away the burden of grades with a simple form. Plus, at the end of the semester, P/D/Fers can see the grade they would have gotten and then it unveil if they so choose. Win win.

So be good to yourself, and head over to Kent 205 before 5pm. Do it for Ferris—the other one.

Also SEASlings, it’s your last day to drop a course. Life decisions!

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  1. Anonymous

    GS can also reveal grades of P/D/F

    Why would you specifically only mention CC?

  2. Anonymous  

    Barnard's P/D/F deadline was actually October 20th. Good research, Bwog. Ugh.

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