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Even on the last day of classes, it’s not to late to save your GPA!

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Today is Tuesday, October 7, and if you’re in CC or Barnard, that date holds special significance for you. Alas, today is the deadline for dropping a non-Core class (the Core deadline passed a while ago) if you don’t want that nasty W on your record for all of your potential employer’s hiring managers to […]

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Heads up, CC and GS: today, at 4:30 this afternoon, is the deadline to drop courses this semester. If you’re in this last minute predicament, make sure your adviser signs off and that you’ve filed those forms.

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As your midterm grades start to come in, you might be fighting the urge to weep and shake your fists at the sky. If you’re nodding your head right now, listen up! Today is the CC and BC deadline to change a class to Pass/Fail and the SEAS drop deadline. Click here before that “D” […]

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Many of you in CC and Barnard have acted like your class is dubstep and waited for the drop…deadline. Well, here it is! If you want to do this, print out an add/drop form, fill it out, and hand it back in to the Student Services Center in Kent 205 before 5pm. It’s too late […]

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Save Yourself

CC, GS, and Barnard have until 5 pm today to Pass/D/Fail classes.  This fantastic tool allows you to be less pressured in that one awful class and definitely helps your GPA.  Plus, if you end up doing well you can just choose to unveil your grade at the end of the semester.  Win-win (win)! Today […]

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The End of Days

The four horses of the SSOL apocalypse are on their way! Hurry up and register for that class that you thought you didn’t want to take but turned out to be full of unknown knowledge (or just full of easy homework assignments), as it’s the last day to add courses. Also, if you just don’t get MusicHum, drop […]

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Recall last October’s allegation that the chair of Barnard’s Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures, Rachel McDermott, “steered” a Jewish Barnard student away from taking one of Columbia Professor Joseph Massad‘s classes lest his reportedly pro-Palestinian slant make her “uncomfortable.” The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) began an investigation in […]

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Actually things aren’t nearly that apocalyptic. Today marks the Pass/D/Fail deadline for CC, Barnard and GS. Cut yourself some slack, friends. Pass/D/ Fail is a glorious invention that melts away the burden of grades with a simple form. Plus, at the end of the semester, P/D/Fers can see the grade they would have gotten and […]

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Know that big lecture you keep sleeping through? That seminar you haven’t been to yet? Or that course you still don’t have the book for? Well College kids, today is the last day to drop a class. So in order to avoid a nasty surprise when you check Courseworks come finals time and realize that […]

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