Overheard: Swipe. Sex. See You Next Tuesday Edition

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Finals have you cramped for time? Can’t seem to fit in snuggle sessions with your dearly beloved? Don’t fret, it seems like a productive Columbian has found an out (or an in). 

Guy: ”She signed me in, we had sex, five minutes later, she signed me out. She said I could cuddle if I wanted, but to feel no obligation.”

Sexy Burgers via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Didn't realize  

    there was a brothel on campus.

  2. Anonymous  

    ummm - why are all the tags barnard?

  3. West Siiiiiiide.  

    Thanks for posting that picture. You've reminded all West Coast students why they regret coming back East for school.

  4. Anonymous

    So the sex was five minutes...

  5. Anonymous  

    I can't tell if the sex was five minutes long or she signed him out five minutes after they finished.

  6. i'd kick him out too  

    i don't want to cuddle with you if you can't last longer than 5 minutes

    • Anonymous

      Well, I'm not going to give you my A-game if I can sense you're gonna punish me with passive-aggressive demands of cuddling after.

      Neediness kicks in the flight reflex early.

  7. title =

    CUNextTuesday... very funny bwog :P

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