Bwoglines: Good News, Bad News Edition

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It's like an emotional one of these

Good News: Tiger Woods won the Chevron World Challenge this weekend, ending a two-year losing streak. Asked whether the emotions he felt were more satisfied or relieved, Woods replied “It just feels awesome whatever it is.” …That’s what she said. (CBS)

Bad News: Times are tough. PrezBo only received $1.53 million in total compensation in 2009, a decrease of 13% from the year before. Don’t fret though, he still lies comfortably in the 1%. (Bloomberg, NYT)

Good News: Feeling stressed? Luckily for us, Slate compiled what just may be the most adorable photo gallery on record: people napping. And yes, there’s a kitten or two thrown in.

Bad News: Your mother always told you that being kind and virtuous would get you far in life. Baseball manager Leo Durocher claimed “nice guys finish last.” Guess who was right. Hint: it wasn’t Mom. (Wired)

The Best News: But there are always signs that despite the apparent chaos and uncertainty in the world, great leaders will step up when duty calls to bring us forward into times of progress and joy. By which we mean Madonna is performing at the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show. (MTV)

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    Prezbro makes that much while the professors do all the work, WTF?

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