Bwoglines: Putting the Pieces Together Edition

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After finals are over you will go back to doing this

Far from over, the Occupy-everything movement continues to live up to its grammatical mission. Occupy Harlem has some students worried about the Manhattanville expansion. Meanwhile an Occupy China may be around the corner. Finally there’s “Mockupy” Wall Street. (Spec/Atlantic/City Room)

A recent DOT report confirms every pedestrian’s worst fear: bicyclists are taking over the city. Now you can finally use the traffic excuse for your class three blocks away. (Gothamist)

The George Washington bridge is in need of a multimillion dollar hip replacement. Just hope you never get stuck on the other side. (NY Times)

Investigators have officially linked the deaths of the two victims at yesterday’s Virginia Tech shooting. While the motive and identity of the shooter remain unknown, police have not ruled out a connection to a nearby armed robbery. (Huff Po)

Flanneled fathoming via Wikimedia

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