Powersuites: The Dinner and a Show Gang

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We’ve already shown you feminist Democrats, pizza-loving student council members, and adventurous Harry Potter fans. This week, Bwog visits a Powersuite full of artists and performers who also love to bake. From Suite 4C in 600, Mahima Chablani and Raphaelle Debenedetti report on these multi-talented ladies’ homemade treats and weekly cleaning parties.

There is always a plate of freshly baked cookies on the kitchen counter of suite 4C in 600. In fact, when we arrived at the suite, we were graciously welcomed with homemade brownies, pumpkin gobs, sugar cookies, and kickass leftovers from an extravaganza hosted by D-Spar. With more counter space than most rooms in the building, the four suitemates form “the kitchen.” Adrianna Aguilar (BC ’13) is the designated bartender and “experimenter,” known for her ability to create a masterpiece from contradictory ingredients. Elizabeth Hertzog (BC ‘12), the “apprentice,” is still learning the tricks of cooking but has mastered the art of microwaving. The “bakerina,” Victoria Pollack (BC ’12), runs on sugar and compares herself to a “Martha Stewart pre-incarceration.” Rounding off these three foodies is Angelica “Jelly” Sedgwick (BC ’13), the supreme chef. Not only does she make food; she is food. Affectionately nicknamed “Jelly,” she would never eat jelly when she was younger, because she thought it was an act of cannibalism.

Beyond their creativity in the kitchen, these four ladies also share a “suite tooth” for the arts. The suite has one or more representatives in virtually every dance, music, and theater group on campus, including Orchesis, Varsity Show, Barnard-Columbia Chorus, King’s Crown Shakespeare Group, Inside New York, Artists Reaching Out, CMTS, CU Players, the Bach Society, Musical Mentors Collaborative, CUPAL, CU Dance Marathon, and so much more. Stunned by their artistic excellence, Bwog asks the suitemates if they have ever considered making a musical together.

“Well…we actually have a band!” Adrianna replies. “Have you ever seen one of those bike seats for babies? We once saw a purple one and thought about how wonderful it must be to sit in one…almost like a sanctuary.” Since Jelly has a sweet lumberjack dress, they decided to name the band “Jelly Lumberjack and the Purple Sanctuaries.” The hit singles on their first album, The Kitchen, include “My Friend Diego” and “Newman O-s,” a song named after these “O’s of goodness.” Although the dream band has not quite recorded music yet, the girls have decided that each song will be spoken to the same tune.

During their free time, the suitemates throw parties of “all kinds,” from cast parties to holiday celebrations. Most wild, though, are the weekly cleaning parties: the girls commence the merrymaking by blasting “Closer” by Kings of Leon and “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. DJ Jelly spins the beats and Adrianna mixes the drinks—her specialty being a spiked milkshake with coconut vodka and Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy Balls. “We start with the messy party and then move onto the cleaning,” Elizabeth explains.

The suite’s vibrancy is perhaps best displayed by the “fridge full of inspiration.” It is “taboo to throw out fortune,” Victoria explains, so the fridge teems with Yogi Tea quotes, magnetic poetry, Dove promises, and quotes from cough drop wrappers. The inspiration on the fridge even wafts into the hallways: the suitemates tell us about a random girl who recently knocked on their door, because she could not resist following the aroma of their baked goods. Stunned by the coziness and comfort of the suite, she stayed for forty-five minutes. She had a gluten allergy (Murphy’s Law?), so the suite fed her spoonfuls of cream cheese frosting instead.

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  1. Anonymous

    There's a typo in your title. Cheers.

  2. one of those girls

    got nailed by an asian guy and by a spaniard in the past 6 months.

    i can tell.

  3. Adrianna  

    is the BEST coolest choreographer ever. She's so fun!!!!

  4. These girls

    are only semi good-looking.

  5. right  

    'cause that's totally all that matters in a powersuite.

  6. find another hobby  

    why do people have to leave stupid and insulting comments? get a life/find a hobby that doesn't just involve anonymously hating on people you probably don't even know. no wonder less and less people want to participate in having their suite covered as a "powersuite"...

  7. Anonymous  

    Love these girls!

  8. Anonymous

    We'll just sweep that "1%er" powersuite under the rug then...

  9. Anonymous  

    These girls are the sweetest, most caring and dedicated friends. Not only are they talented in dance and theatre, but they are helpful to others and try to make everyone feel welcome in their suite. Love them!

  10. LOVE THEM  

    These girls are absolute treasures.

  11. Anonymous  

    did they actually paint their walls blue/purple?

  12. Anonymous

    adrianna's the shit

  13. JELLY

    IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!! she can cook for me any night.

  14. Victoria

    is an absolute BABE! SO much love for her and all the joy she brings to this school! Great choice Bwog!

  15. Anonymous  

    Love these girls.

  16. i'm  

    obsessed with victoria and elizabeth!!! what WONDERFUL lovely people!!! beautiful on the inside and out!

  17. i mean...  

    you're wrong...victoria is easily one of the hottest girls on campus. you cant really tell from this tiny picture, but she's smoking. DAT ASS.

  18. Anonymous  

    Women are so useful.

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