BoardHop: Not up for Debate

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At Columbia, students are taught to challenge each other’s ideas and deeply evaluate the validity of their own beliefs and thoughts. That being said, we can’t really think of anyone who would disagree with the statement below, found in Hamilton 707.

Speaking of sex finals, you may have noticed by our new poll that we’re curious about everyone’s current finals position. Your options, based on the current (premature?) standings:

  • Would it look bad if I just slept through this?
  • Already finished. Awkward.
  • This is my first time, I don’t really know what to expect…
  • Coming at it from behind (playing catch up)
  • Totally on top of it and liking it

But are negative orgasms less than negative finals?

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  1. Anonymous

    but... finals get me hot...

  2. Anonymous

    To answer your question, yes. Not having finals is better than not having orgasms. Unless the negative works the other way. Is giving a final better than giving someone an orgasm?

  3. What happens

    when you do it with someone on the crew team?

    An oargasm!

  4. Hmm  

    Depends on the final, I guess.

  5. Anonymous do you have a negative orgasm? does your body implode? any survivor stories?

  6. Anonymous  

    two things:
    1) this may be the best poll Bwog has had ever, or at least in a long time. I love each suggestions.
    2) sex is an awesome way to relieve stress, highly advised if you have someone to do that with!

  7. grumble grumble  

    here's hoping my hookup buddy sees this and gets his priorities straight

  8. Anonymous  

    the greater than symbol just looks wrong when used "vertically" like that

  9. Yo Bwog,  

    What's going on with Orgo night? Is there one this year? Haven't seen anything about it

  10. Anonymous  

    witty comment to the photo. props.

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