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Sometimes we need a little help to read the fine print, but we get there

Bwog reads you! Enjoy a random walk though the past months via our favoritest of the favorite comments:

“…The horse porn was still playing. He pulled the headphone jack out without looking away. And then I heard a sound no human should ever hear, a sound like Jenna Jameson in a glue factory. I ran…”

“Sometimes I enjoy being the little spoon.”

“Barnard’s having trouble electing a new pope i guess”

“on all other nights, we eat only ramen. why on this night are we given candy canes?”

“Omg she’s so much shorter in real life. I like her bike.”

“Looking at the wiki page for the Great Tit linked above I found this gem under the section titled “Relationship with Humans”: ‘The Great Tit is a popular garden bird due to its acrobatic performances when feeding on nuts or seed. ‘ Awesome.”

“get drunk and set monetary policy

“Note to all physics professors: Your classes make me feel uncomfortable. I feel like I’m being steered away from taking them because they’re very pro-gravity. This means they’re anti-magic. Please fix your subject accordingly.”

“Bracketing my thoughts on babes and heteronormativity, I fucking hate pita chips. Just had to get that off my chest.”

bwogian absurdism

Taking shit seriously via wikimedia

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    none of the links work?

  2. is it sad  

    when I immediately know what post the comment was for?

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