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Opening the heavens

Wednesday night in Lerner C555, the CU Gospel Choir hosted their mid-semester study break.  Professional group-clapper Renée Kraiem took a break from singing in her shower to check it out.

Choir Director Sean Peters introduced the first set with a welcoming “we’re really glad that you guys are here to study with us”—trust me, everybody else there was too.

Maybe I just like the idea that Glee is real, but the Choir’s set-up is charming; with a substantive set of singers cloaked in black and denim, and a small band, the choir filled the width of C555 with gumption to complement an impressively full set of seats.

The choir began with “Giants,” which itself began with a powerful chord. Projection is the choir’s strong suit, and project they did: their voice, their passion, and their pride—all contagious. “Giants” included the first group-clap of the evening, for which an affinity is a prerequisite for anyone in attendance. The choir’s passion is contagious, and as the midterm funk began to evaporate from the room, a pair of couples began to waltz outside of C555, and the choir had done its job.

The concert ended with “Happy Days,” quite the anthem for Wednesday’s weather—though I guess it’s safe to say the heavens opened up. As those in attendance probably know, Sean really, really wants you to like them on Facebook; and you should, because a group of impassioned individuals who want to come together to lift your midterm-heavy spirits, and make your rainy hump-day a little more happy deserve a lot more than a “like.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    Rachel B (on the piano) KILLED it with her solo on Oh Happy Day last night. Damn, girl can SINGGGGG

  2. Anonymous  

    ...did bwog just refer to "Oh Happy Day" as "Happy Days"? Forget ignorance of gospel music/culture... HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN SISTER ACT 2?!

    Anyway, that's not actually nearly as important as the fact that Brittany, Rachel B, and Sean were each AMAZING. And the force they got out of that choir, especially in "Giants," was really impressive. Seriously, Gospel Choir was maybe the most enjoyable CU events I've been to this semester.

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