belt it babes

Opening the heavens

Wednesday night in Lerner C555, the CU Gospel Choir hosted their mid-semester study break.  Professional group-clapper Renée Kraiem took a break from singing in her shower to check it out.

Choir Director Sean Peters introduced the first set with a welcoming “we’re really glad that you guys are here to study with us”—trust me, everybody else there was too.

Maybe I just like the idea that Glee is real, but the Choir’s set-up is charming; with a substantive set of singers cloaked in black and denim, and a small band, the choir filled the width of C555 with gumption to complement an impressively full set of seats.

The choir began with “Giants,” which itself began with a powerful chord. Projection is the choir’s strong suit, and project they did: their voice, their passion, and their pride—all contagious. “Giants” included the first group-clap of the evening, for which an affinity is a prerequisite for anyone in attendance. The choir’s passion is contagious, and as the midterm funk began to evaporate from the room, a pair of couples began to waltz outside of C555, and the choir had done its job.

The concert ended with “Happy Days,” quite the anthem for Wednesday’s weather—though I guess it’s safe to say the heavens opened up. As those in attendance probably know, Sean really, really wants you to like them on Facebook; and you should, because a group of impassioned individuals who want to come together to lift your midterm-heavy spirits, and make your rainy hump-day a little more happy deserve a lot more than a “like.”

Poster via CU Gospel Choir