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Unexpected correspondent Renée Kraiem reports on last night’s SGA meeting.

Rep Council spent a significant portion of their meeting last night off the record, but came up for air now and again for a few moments of breaking-news decisions—this correspondent has a feeling it was just to keep her on her toes.

The meeting began inconspicuously, as it always does, with the evening’s administrative guests, Al Sorbera and Goldi Juer of Aramark Dining Services. Though this portion of the meeting was kept regrettably—but understandably, given the magnitude of the topic—off the record, Sorbera and Juer were able to announce mid-presentation, in response to impromptu suggestions from Council members, that starting on March 25th, Liz’s Place in the Diana Center will be open every Sunday evening from 3 PM-midnight. Additionally, starting today, fresh whole fruit is available at Liz’s Place. And, for those who just can’t get enough of that meal plan, Aramark will be distributing menus for a new themed catering option, catered to small groups of students—be they recognized clubs (more on that later), or just that study group you’re in. The menus, says Deborah Robertson, Rep. for Community Policy, will be catered to a student budget.

Little did Sorbera know, coming up next on SGA’s agenda were proposals for SOC recognition from three clubs—among them, Aramark’s chief competitor for small-group catering on campus, Purple et al. Rep Council approved SOCs’ recommendation to award Purple et al., the magnificent anomaly that is free, good, food, Stage 1 Recognition. Also on the agenda were the Nine Ways of Knowing Blog and the Pre-Med Society, both of which were awarded Stage 2 Recognition.

Class councils spent some time being recognized too last night. Sophomore Class President Aliza Hassine promoted this week’s Sophomore Class Major Toast and Class Dinner, which will commence, in major-themed costume, outside Barnard Hall this Wednesday at 5:30 and proceed to the Event Oval. With a performance by Control Top and a prize at the Barnard Store promised to the best costume, the event rivals this semester’s Junior Career Dinner. Junior Class President Linda Zhang and Vice President Gayatri Malhotra used their presentation this week to promote the event, emphasizing that its purpose was conversation: to learn about parents’ careers and how they got there, rather than solicitation of internships and résumés. Also impressive was the news that the Junior Spring Formal has sold out.

Sold and out may be the buzzwords of the week, but the sold-out event in question served as a natural segue to preparation for March 19th’s administrative guest, DSpar. Rep Council plans to use their time with the friend of the Virgin Mary to discuss her trip to the Global Symposium in Mumbai, from which she will have just returned, and, of course, Obamanard. Rep Council agreed that the reactions to Obamanad were most likely more important to SGA than the event itself, in that it is an issue of the student body that ought to be evaluated and addressed by its leaders. Maybe Aramark can cater?

Barnard’s next speaker via Wikimedia Commons

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    Liz's place ftw!

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    Wednesday night is also the start of Jewish holiday of Purim, which is famous for everyone dressing up in costume. Coincidence.... I think not!!!!!

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    SGA loves you Renee!

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