2016, Your Fate is in These Crates

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Destiny awaits!

The admissions staff is shipping the acceptance letters out to the Class of 2016 high school seniors.  As per tradition, they are out on college walk marching boxes of letters into the shipping trucks.  Admissions will be posted online tonight at 5 pm.  Freak out, high schoolers!

As always, it was one of the largest and most accomplished applicant pool.  The admission rate is up by .5 from last year’s 6.9 percent.  Jessica Marinaccio, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, gave the following statement about this year’s admissions:

Total number of applicants: 31,851

Total number of students admitted:  2,363

Admit Rate: 7.4%

Statement from Jessica Marinaccio, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions:

“We are proud to release acceptances to Columbia’s Class of 2016, chosen from one of the largest applicant pools in Columbia’s history and hailing from all 50 states, Washington, DC, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands as well as nearly 80 countries around the world. When selecting a class we look not only for students who are academically and personally accomplished, but also for students who are the right fit for Columbia. The students admitted today embody this goal: they share the questioning intellectual spirit, desire to influence the world around them and the diversity of experience, background and voice that characterize our vibrant current student body. We saw each of these admitted students as a tremendous match for Columbia, and we now turn our attention to helping them learn about us in the hope that they see the same fit.

Throughout April we will welcome admitted students and their families to campus to meet current students, engage with faculty and administrators and explore New York City. Given that admitted students hail from all over the world and that not every student in our socioeconomically diverse class can afford to visit campus, Columbia alumni will also host “Welcome Receptions” in cities around the United States and abroad. Current students will connect with admitted students through Facebook, online chats and phone calls, as well as on campus. We hope that these opportunities to get to know Columbia better – whether on campus, in their hometowns or remotely – will allow these extraordinary students to see themselves as future Columbians just as we did.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    What was the College vs. SEAS admit rate?

  2. Anonymous

    I think it is still the seond lowest admit rate only after Harvard.

  3. Anonymous

    omg so nervous!!

  4. Hg  

    Be clear that this 21% is the acceptance rate for BC. Who says BC students are equally capable. Why don't they accept that - they are dumb and use BC for backdoor entry to Columbia.

    Hail CC, Hail Columbia, Hail the 2016 class - congrats.

    • columbia guy  

      either you haven't gotten any or you're a columbia girl in which case everyone knows barnard girls are cuter

    • CC '12  

      Let's flex that new comment policy starting now, Bwog! Get rid of this shit. It's misogynistic crap.

      • Anonymous

        do you even know what misogyny is? or do you just call things you don't like/ can't accept misogynist?

        • CC '12  

          Fair enough. It was written hastily. Still, look at what's happening in this thread now. It wasn't that hard to predict that these comments were going there based on comments like this. Or maybe I'm just a better psychic than I realized.

      • Anonymous  

        So email them then. Sheesh.

        • CC '12  

          I don't understand why I should do that. If I want to red flag something, I'll do it for the entire community. It doesn't have to be a hush-hush operation. If Bwog is actually interested in crack down on destructive discourse, I think everyone can be involved and witness the process.

          Anyway, just my two cents. If you have other ideas, I'd love to hear them.

      • for the last time...  

        it's not misogyny, it's elitism.

        Still effing tired of all this crap though. Please grow up, friends. Anyways CONGRATS to all the '16ers!

    • jordan  

      the validity, or lack thereof, of this statement affects no one negatively. you, as a troll, however degrade society as a whole. kindly stick your head in a ditch.

    • BC girl  

      Derrr you are so right!!!! I am soooooo stupid. Your comments have helped me to see my inherent inferiority, thank you!

      Seriously though, what do you hope to achieve with barnard bashing?


    • Jacob  

      Hello, class of 2016! Welcome to Bwog. Bwog commenters are the worst people in the world. Some of them (like the parent) suffer from terrible feelings of confusion and inadequacy because they share classrooms and libraries with people who filled out a different college application. Others, who will probably come out of the woodwork soon, feel a more general kind of misanthropy, and will tell you to run away while you still can.

      Ignore, them, class of 2016! Columbia is a wonderful place. I am surrounded by intelligent and generous friends, brilliant instructors, and a city which, as you'll discover, is a very nice place to live. I have been happier during the last four years than any person has any business being.

      Sure, you won't be pampered here like you might be at certain of our peer institutions. It's frustrating that the lawns are never open, and that I have to fill out a ream of paperwork to make small changes to my course schedule. But if you're reasonably self-sufficient, and care about getting a serious education, this is the best place on earth to be an undergraduate.

      So congratulations, '16ers! We think Columbia is pretty swell, and we hope you'll join us in the fall.

    • And Barnard is like dumb and stuff  

      Plus Columbia's dick is, like, WAY bigger than Barnard's you guys.

  5. Columbia hopeful

    Thank you for that squirrel picture. I needed it.

  6. Anonymous

    Congratualtions class of 2016! Welcome! . You will be going to the best school on the planet!

  7. SEAS '15  

    Wow. Can't believe this was only a year ago.

  8. Anonymous  

    why were all the admission officers minorities? no wonder i got rejected from harvard

  9. goddamn it  

    why do we live amongst trolls

  10. Anonymous

    Columbia added more essays to their application this year to weed out the non serious applicants and their out of control numbers from last year.

  11. CC '13  

    "It pleases well the damned in Hell. To bring another there."
    Only joking, 2016, you'll have a kick ass time

  12. Bacchanal???  

    When will the act be announced???!!

  13. Anonymous

    free promotion for DHL!

  14. Anonymous

    "The start of a journey to make a student very, very happy."

    And 13.5 very, very sad.

  15. Anonymous  

    My little sister got waitlisted :( Can I do anything to get her off it? I feel like being a student here should be worth something but I'm sadly unconnected. Help me Bwog!

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