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Big Gigantic will be headlining, with Wavves and Curren$y as the opening acts. Spicy Special will be the student group opener. Seeing as the theme is Baccha90s, we were sorta expecting someone from not this decade too, but whatevs. It could be worse. So get psyched—the concert is only two weeks away!

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  1. Great  

    This year is probably the worst Bacchanal year thus far. This better not happen next year when I graduate, FUCK

  2. Anon  

    Excuse me, what? Noooo :(

  3. To all

    the people who decided this: go fuck yourselves. this is the worst bachhanal yet. what the fuck are you wasting my time for?

  4. Anonymous  

    fucking. lame.

  5. Anonymous  

    you have to remember that coachella is this weekend
    they don't really have a lot of acts to choose from

  6. Anonymous  

    looks like i need to do shrooms to enjoy this shit. thanks a lot.

  7. Anonymous  

    this is the lamest fucking lineup ever

  8. Anonymous  

    Columbia has been disappointing this wtf is this. Why did bwog even do the poll in the beginning of the year?

  9. Confused...  

    Didn't Kei$ha patent the dollar sign as name?

  10. Anonymous  

    All of you can suck dicks. This shit is awesome.

  11. Anonymous  

    But unfortunately we pay for Bacchanal through our student life fees.

  12. Anonymous

    What the fuck!??!?!??!? This is bullshit. I hate you all.

  13. wtf

    This is the worst lineup I have ever seen. The only way this show is going to be entertaining is if I'm high on weed, rolling on E and tripping balls on acid. Thank you Bacchanal.

  14. Anonymous  


  15. fuck all of you  

    curren$y is the shit. get educated:

    clearly a move away from the Hegelian dialectic, but I DON'T GIVE A FUUUCK


  16. 2012  

    the real ABACCHALYPSE

  17. uhm..  

    This sounds like the fucking pacman theme music. THE FUCK??

    • Scott Pilgrim  

      Did you know that the original name for Pac-Man was Puck-Man? You'd think it was because he looks like a hockey puck but it actually comes from the Japanese phrase 'Paku-Paku,' which means to flap one's mouth open and closed. They changed it because they thought Puck-Man would be too easy to vandalize, you know, like people could just scratch off the P and turn it into an F or whatever.

  18. Anonymous  

    With this lineup, I would have preferred Justin Bieber *flips table*

  19. what the f  

    Columbia has rustled my jimmies for the last time. We should've just canceled Bacchanal for this year and next year and gone balls out with Eminem in 2014.

  20. Anonymous  

    yall can be sad in butler or whatever, i'll be on the lawn, day drunk, listening to great music with the people i love. why didn't you go to harvard or something, haters? they're getting cataracs AND das racist!

  21. Anonymous

    curren$y is the shit!!!

  22. Anonymous  


  23. wavves  

    wavves is amazing! too bad big gigantic blows...

  24. Anonymous  

    I guess everyone can't be down with Jet Life. Lames should get hip, b/c Curren$y is the ish

  25. WAVVES,  

    y u no headline?!

  26. Anonymous  

    way to choose one of the worst Wavves songs, Bwog. fail.

  27. 2012senior  

    on the topic of artists with $ in their names: I WANT KE$HO!



  29. WHY  

    are the opening acts more famous than the HEADLINER?

  30. Anonymous  

    Agreed... Post Acid is the worst. But Wavves rocks! You guys obviously don't know what your talking about. It's going to be sick.

  31. Anonymous  

    I keep checking to see if this is a prank.

  32. Anonymous  

    Ok I don't know who Big Gigantic is but Curren$y and Wavves are great and I kind of like this Big Gigantic song that Bwog posted. I feel like this will be fun to be drunk to during the day. Don't really understand all of the hate.

  33. Shiyyyat  

    Welp. Off to Spring Fling.

    • anonymous  

      SERIOUSLY. i am literally going to fling because this is the DUMBEST. SHIT. EVER. passion pit is the greatest band in the entire world and they're only the OPENER at fling. i would actually rather pay money to go to spring fling than see this bullshit for free.

  34. Anonymous  

    I like how the top comment on literally all three of these youtube videos is "like this if you're smoking a blunt" right now. Yo but like seriously, upvote this if you're smoking a blunt right now.

  35. I'm so

    Here for this lineup. Seriously, stop fucking complaining. Curren$y and wavves are both awesome + will serve different audiences. Great year.

  36. Anonymous  

    How can you deny that saxophone?

    The school I transferred from was smaller and cheaper, and got way bigger groups to perform. But this could be cool.

  37. 32 transfer student  

    This school robs its undergraduate students. I don't know where that large sum of the money that undergrads pay goes, but it doesn't really seem like it's being used in-house.

  38. amazing!!!

    i love Big Gigantic!!!!! they are sooooooo good! listen you fuckers! they are seriously good real music. stop being bitches and get drunk, dance and enjoy :)

  39. Anonymous

    Wow, I want to castrate myself. Thanks bacchanal - you've effectively ruined my faith in humanity.

  40. The most depressing part

    The most depressing part of all of this?

    That Bwog seems excited about this buttfuckery.

    Bwog, remember when you were fearless? When you were snarky? When you used to represent how most students felt about...anything?

  41. Anonymous  

    On the upside, HOLI will be THE GRAND OPENING ACT for the day.

  42. Sigh  

    A washed-up disaster who was never good to begin with, followed by, um... this. Whatever it is. Well, I'm a sophomore. They have two years to redeem themselves. Although I doubt they will.

  43. Anonymous  

    Live at Lerner should take over bacchanal now.. we'd probably have a sick sick lineup. And perhaps then, our money would be well spent.

  44. sad senior

    Wow. I remember way back when thinking -and the greatest thing about columbia is that they probably can get whoever they want to come and perform/speak at the school. Four years later yet another underwhelming bacchanal choice, my class day speaker is fucking john mccarthur and the most buzz about somebody coming (to the college) was generated by the dictator of iran.look, baccahanal is always a good time but still... Anyways there's still hope maybe well get an email at 8 in the morning next week from dspar saying avicii and the parents of blue ivy called...

  45. I just don't understand

    How other Ivys can get headliners and we can't and we're in NY?

  46. Anonymous  

    I say we protest!

  47. Anonymous

    Dude. This is not so bad. also passion pit sucks

  48. on wavves  

    i don't understand. if you wanted blink182, why didn't you just get blink182?

  49. Anonymous  


  50. Anonymous  

    why the eff all the hipsters on bacchanal pick such shitty artists.

  51. CC 2012  

    Hey columbia, thanks for picking a shitty commencement speaker and a shitty bacchanal line-up. you've for sure made my senior year sucky as hell. thank god i'm getting out of here in less than 2 months. you can suck my big dick

  52. Hmm  

    Even Live at Lerner had better performers.


    I think we should get Flight of the Conchords

  54. Anonymous

    Huge disappointment. Can't wait to see how many people actually attend. Bacchafail.

  55. Anonymous  

    Dream line up for me: Lil B opens for Blink 182 who open for Britney. Call it B-B-B-Bacchanal.

  56. Wavves  


  57. y'all are dumb

    Spitta is the shit. If you don't like it, don't come. Just gives me and mine more space to enjoy the show without all you haters.

  58. CC12  

    Bacchanal, you guys screwed up bigtime this year. Complete waste of 100K. By the way, no need to get 3 performers. Get 1, maybe 2, good performers and everyone will have a blast. Stop trying to appease all campus groups, hipsters especially.

  59. in defense of bacchanal  

    I know this is going to be downvoted to oblivion, but I can't help but say that I'm disgusted at this reaction. Is it so hard to appreciate a free concert? Like, not every school does this for their students and I think it's pretty fucking cool that we have an opportunity to see up and coming bands for free without leaving campus. Which brings me to another point. Have you complainers never been to a music festival or any kind of concert in general? Sure, you usually go for the headliners but there's always a ton of great opening acts who you would have never heard of had you not seen their set. If you want to be stuck in a musical rut and only listen to the same big name bands over and over and only want to see those bands perform, that's fine but recognize that others enjoy discovering new artists and that such discovery has value. If the music's not for you, that's fine. No one is making you attend. In fact, for those of you who are complaining it would probably be best if you not attend, seeing as you'll either just be a negative presence in a positive atmosphere or else you will show up entirely wasted and just ruin the experience (and the shoes) of people around you.

    So all you bitches who are complaining should stay home, Bacchanal doesn't need you. But for people who love live music and the concert experience, come on out. I'll be front stage and digging on some Wavves. Come dance with me.

    • Anonymous  

      "I know this is going to be downvoted to oblivion"

      This ain't reddit.

      "Is it so hard to appreciate a free concert?"

      Umm we pay for this through Student Life fees. Definitely not free.

      "Like, not every school does this for their students"

      Most schools that I know, at least east coast ones, have some sort of spring concert

      "recognize that others enjoy discovering new artists and that such discovery has value."

      You don't go to Bacchanal to discover new artists. You go to get drunk and scream out lyrics with your friends.

      That said I'm psyched about Curren$y and Wavves. Big Gigantic though? Really Bacchanal? As a headliner? For shame.

    • Anonymous

      I bet you go to Barnard

  60. cc 11

    hahahahaha this line up is wackkkkkkk.

  61. buuuuut

    Big Gigantic sucks -- they sound like the smooth jazz of electronica.

  62. Just youtubed Big Gigantic  

    and they're pretty awesome. Did all of you even listen to them before complaining about how they're not famous enough?

  63. Anonymous  

    CAN'T WAIT TO SING ALONG TO BIG GIGANTIC !!!!!! oh wait...good thing I have friends at other schools

  64. Anonymous  

    spicy special sucks. seriously.

  65. Anonymous  

    i don't mind going to the second tent instead of the main tent at a festival. the club/ organization that receives the most money at columbia should perhaps do better than the 4th tent that you drop by if you're feeling adventurous. just sayin'

  66. wow

    look at all the hatorade everyone is drinking

  67. Sloppy Seconds

    Big Gigantic was the OPENING act at Yale Spring Fling last year.

  68. Ima let ya finish....  

    but Class '07 had the best lineup ever

  69. Anonymous  

    Un-Occupy Bacchanal

  70. wbar  

    got wavves 3 years ago..just sayin'

    that said, we're gonna release the wbarbq lineup soon. it's gonna be swell...get pumped.

  71. rising artist!  

    first of all, i've seen big gigantic live a couple times, and they are INCREDIBLE. it's electronic/dubstep with a live drummer and saxophone player. super amazing dj plus actual instruments? so cool. also, that song is off the old album, and as they are still a rising artist, their sound is still changing. this is a better example of what they are like: since it's from the album they are touring now.

    don't you want to say you got to see them before they got so famous that we couldn't afford them anymore? stop hating. and if you want to hate, then don't go! more room for me too rock out this awesome line-up.

  72. Anonymous  

    If Columbia had paid me five dollars... I would have headlined.

  73. Theory

    Cost equivalent alternatives to the Bwog line up which everyone would shut up and enjoy:

    Wavves ---- Best Coast
    Curren$y ---- Lil B
    Big Gigantic ---- Odd Future

  74. Anonymous  

    big gigantic is dubstep, mostly.

  75. Anonymous  

    amazing line-up! i'm excited bacchanal went for good music this year instead of just a popular name.

    • Anonymous  

      i've seen them before, totally amazing! they have super dirty beats and amazing live drumming/saxophone mixed. new album is killer (nocturnal), give it a shot before you judge too harshly.

      also, don't comment on big gigantic if you are listening to them on your crappy macbook speakers. they are a bass heavy band, so you need a sub to really hear what's going on in the music.

      • Anonymous  

        Track button... You're responding to yourself.

        • obviously  

          yes, i know that, i thought it was pretty obvious. i wanted to write more but didn't want to write a whole other comment.

          • SEAS 12

            How did money become an issue with Bacchanal again?

            The councils did away with Outdoor BBQ so that the money could be folded into Bacchanal's budget. The purpose was to invite more well-known bands, but somehow we're back to the same craptastic spring concert as pre-Snoop.

            Is this a conspiracy, or is the school cancelling expensive events and using the student life fees to pay for non-student related bullshit?

            TL;DR: I hope this school burns down

  76. Ironic

    Baccha90s when we bring a bunch of trippy electronic-type artists from the not 90s and Abacchalypse when we bring Snoop Dogg? Yeah.

  77. Do people  

    really like wavves? I saw them open for Phoenix and all of their songs sound the same... like Ramones "we only use 3 chords" the same, but the Ramones did that shit well. I guess I just dont get it. Doesn't matter though, I'll be at Coachella seeing Radiohead anyway...

  78. Anonymous  

    well im of to U penn that weekend to see tiesto seeing how they actually tried to get someone worth listening too

    • Anonymous  

      sure, tiesto is gonna be great, but they have at least 5 times columbia's budget, and tickets to spring fling are $30...what do you expect

      money doesn't come out of thin air

      • Anonymous  

        i rather pay the 30 and see something worth seeing i mean i wasnt expecting tiesto to come to columbia but still.... porter robinson alesso and others go for 40K a show we get big gigantic...

  79. but actually  

    I hear this is all a big early april fools joke and in reality we are getting The Beatles!!

  80. Anonymous

    People complaining that we didn't get Tiesto or Sean Paul or Cataracs or some other shitty bro act...I am disappointed. For a moment I thought I went to a school with more discerning ears than those of frat boys.

    • You're an idiot  

      None of that music is "frat music," you filthy hipster. This music lineup sucks, and everyone knows it.

      • Anonymous

        First of all, Big Gigantic is doing more on stage than Tiesto would be doing, I.E. playing live drums and saxophone leading to a much better performance. Snoop Dogg may have the name, but Curren$y's music is actually pretty similar, lyrics-wise and he's not just riding on the success of a name (think about Snoop's verse on "California Girls," just awful).
        Finally, Wavves is a premiere indie-rock band who I haven't seen perform a bad show. They're bat-shit crazy on stage and their music is pretty easy to listen to and sing along.

        If you're saying these acts suck, you're just not doing your research and, consequentially, sound uninformed

        • Anonymous  

          Did you just not only compare Big Gigantic to Tiesto, but also suggest that it would be better to have them? Really? Let's see how many Columbia students agree with you... My guess is the 5 fuckwits who chose this. I don't care what Tiesto does on stage, he could just play music from his CDs for all I care - it would still be Tiesto.

  81. Anonymous

    What do these artists have to do with the 90s again?

  82. Anonymous  

    Hater gon' hate. No matter what the lineup would have been, the same amount of complaining and whining would have persisted. Though I loved Snoop Dogg last year, I get that not everybody is into that. With these three unknown and diverse groups, there is so much more of a chance that more people will be into it! Just because these bands/DJs aren't famous does not mean they suck!
    If you want to pay for a concert, there are millions around New York. Not everybody at Columbia can do that, though, and I am happy to have these for free. Big Gigantic is good, btw. I've listened to him and he rocks. So bass heavy xD If Wavves and Currency are as good as he is, I'm gonna have a wonderful time :D

  83. Anonymous  

    porter robinson and alesso are both at coachella. nearly every major electronic act is at coachella.

    give them a break.

  84. gets you wet

    i won't get down to dubstep, but i will go buck wild for this:

  85. Anonymous  

    This is absolutely one of the most embarrassing headlines ever. It's pathetic that Columbia's bacchanal committee or whatever can't even scrounge up someone that anyone on this campus has even heard of before. Especially when every other school, especially the other Ivies, have way better concerts. Why even try? We should just not have a concert and donate the money to AIDS. Go big or go home.

    • Anonymous

      Why did we pick Columbia? Because it's our Ivy, the best type of Ivy for us. I'm happy with this decision, it fits with how Columbia students are always ahead of the curve.

  86. Anonymous  

    WRONG. If we had someone good (or even someone anyone had heard of), a lot less people would complain. It really is that simple.

  87. Damn  

    people in syria getting massacred, entire african countries starving, and we're here complaining about the spring concert our $50,000 ivy league college sets up for us. a student at columbia bitches about curren$y while a child in Haiti just really wants some water.


    • Anonymous  

      Look inside yourself and ask whether you don't have a thousand petty thoughts about your everyday life and problems day in and day out. One can't expect every public discourse, even a spirited one, to have in mind the relative gravity of the situation. It's a fact of life. TL;DR: Don't be so naive.

    • Anon  

      Seriously, stfu. Can't I be worried about the world's problems AND this lineup? Stop acting like we're all immature kids, we obviously know this isn't the biggest problem in the world...

    • Anonymous  

      If who we got for Bacchanal held any bearing AT ALL on whats going on in syria, then maybe you'd be right. Otherwise, spare us the self-righteous bullshit, or better yet, sell you're fucking computer and send the proceeds to help feed starving people in Africa.


  88. Anonymous  

    Bwog, we are March 31st, not april 1st. ok. now that we cleared that up: who's really playing?

  89. Jesus  


  90. give me  


  91. Guys relax

    It's an April fools joke!!!

  92. soooo

    who's bringing the Molly? only way this will work.

  93. Please tell me...  

    how exactly does this fit in with the baccha90's theme?

  94. ...  

    hey so i heard that because of the whole radiohead thing, this year's wbar-b-q is gonna have some kind of capacity limit and ticket lottery. does anyone know if it's only open to barnard students or the whole university?

  95. Osya  

    i'm super excited. i absolutely love big gigantic

  96. i want curren$y  

    gripped in my lips

  97. Anonymous  

    Big Gigantic Top Comment: "saw big g and pretty lights....and bassnectar....on acid" 105 likes...........ooookk.

  98. CC '14

    I hate this school.

  99. Anonymous  

    Baccha90s??? Let's not forget the real magic of the 90s, people! Like this artist on the 17th anniversary of her untimely death! [youtube]

  100. Hot Spitta  

    I no longer can say I've never had the feeling of winning a raffle prize. Because thats what I feel like right now. I FUCKING LOVE CURREN$Y (no homo though). what were the chances that he would perform here when nobody on this campus knows who the fuck he is except me and a handful of others. this is great. thank you bacchanal people. oh and fuck you bacchanal people because if this performer was someone as obscure as currensy and i didnt actually like the person id be pissed as shit, like if we had wavves or big gigantic come. oh wait.

  101. Krissy G  

    Dude Bacchanal is gonna be sick this year! There's a great diversity of music, with rock, rap, and electronic all represented in the line-up. I've seen both Big Gigantic and Wavves live multiple times and they put on a great show. Just appreciate that you get one free show each year - it doesn't always have to be the most mainstream your mind to new music and just enjoy it!

    Peace and love

  102. Anonymous


    BTW You spelled waves wrong

  103. Wow.  

    This is fucking horrible. At least get Chromeo, if you're gonna go that route. Maybe we could've gotten a family and friends discount too. Shit.

  104. APRIL FOOLS!!!!  


  105. Anonymous  

    Get Aphex Twin! Pleaaaase get Aphex Twin :(

  106. Anonymous  

    imagine being on the Bacchanal committee and knowing that you suck so hard...

  107. Anonymous  

    hipsters rule the world

  108. Anonymous  

    Yeah... better ask Bo$$ $tatu$ how they got away with that one..

  109. Anonymous  

    when is the time and date for bacchanal?

  110. truly, please  

    explain to me how these artists qualify as 90s

  111. yoo  

    This lineup is gayer than the kid that sits next to me in ArtHum

  112. Anonymous

    what happened to Baja Men??

  113. mo'fuckin  

    WAVVES mo'fuckas

  114. omg  

    it's like 5am and I'm tired as fuck. therefore my eyes deceived me and I read "Young the Giant" instead of "Big Gigantic" and started getting really excited. but then I calmed down a bit and realized my mistake. I so sad now :( :( :( moral of my story? -never rely on columbia to do anything right. wtfffffffffffff mannnnnn seriously Bacchanal?! we were ALL brought up in the 90s, so who better would appreciate an awesome 90s themed concert?! BUT NO. WHYYYYYYY WHAT DO THESE THREE GROUPS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE 90s?! WHYYYYYYY

  115. Anonymous  

    amherst got ludacris. fucking AMHERST. i would so much rather shake my ass to money maker than deal with this shit.

  116. Alcohol Poisoning

    Will be rampant. Bacchanal is gonna suck.

  117. I'd rather  

    GO DEAF before listening to these shitty artists who have jack shit to do with the 90s. Bacchanal committee dropped the ball fucking again!!!! The least you morons could have done was get flippin Mos Def, Common or someone like them!!! MORONSSS!!!!

  118. nabe

    Bunch of spoiled elite aholes always complaining about something. Shut the f up and enjoy the music, or go to the library.

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