O Danny Boy, the Hypes, the Hypes, Are Calling

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As we mentioned earlier, Daniel Radcliffe was on campus today for Kill Your Darlings. He drew a crowd, whose general reaction was, “Wow, he sure is short.” Still can’t play Harry Potter, though.

Kill Your Darlings, which is going to be about the Beats, features Radcliffe as a young Ginsberg. There’ll be murder and disillusion. There’ll be a super-serious Radcliffe trying to grow up.

Anyways, feast your eyes on a beatnik Dan Radcliffe. It’s at least some Emma Watson consolation.

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  1. um

    I don't understand how a person could go berserk over another individual. fucking amazing.

  2. wait,  

    are we saying that Daniel Radcliffe wasn't a good Harry Potter, Bwog? I mean, he wasn't "all that" but still...

  3. Anonymous

    look at this fucken hipster

  4. anon  

    the throng in image #7 is unabashedly phallic

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