Bwoglines: Rejection Edition

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It happens to the best of us...

Rejected by Gmail yesterday? It wasn’t just you. (Gawker)

Nelson the parrot has a face that not even his mama could love. (Daily Mail)

Reports have surfaced that Zuckerberg did not include any of the Facebook board in the Instagram deal, Social Network style. (NYT, Wall Street Journal)

Following the laughable North Korean missile launch, the U.S. has scrapped its plans to deliver food supplies to the country. (LA Times)

Behold the new antidote to social rejection: chinplants. (MSNBC)

The cold hard truth via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    It wasn't an attempted nuclear launch. Are you serious Bwog??

  2. Dear Bwog  

    Please stop giving us links to articles we can only read a quarter of!

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