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In BwogSalon, we cherry-pick articles from other Columbia publications for your consumption. Today, we take a look at Jester, which recently put out its “Space” issue. It’s the first time they’ve published since last year! If you’d like your publication to be considered for this feature, tell us!

Name of Publication: Jester of Columbia

Edition: Spring 2012

Description: The Jester of Columbia, established in 1901, is Columbia University’s only humor magazine. The Jester publishes as many as four issues a year, each with a theme intended to inspire at least some of its content. The theme for this issue is “Space.”

Selected Article: In this dystopian vision of our extraterrestrial future, our worst alien fear encounters its greatest foe yet: Chris Hansen.

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  1. YES  

    are you an astronaut? cause i like your pants.

  2. Anonymous  

    Jester is soooo funny!!!

  3. Anonymous

    This still creeps me out because it is about child molestation. There are way better jokes to be made about topics that don't ruin lives.

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