Barnard Commencement Lottery Now Open to Columbia Seniors

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According to an email just sent out by Dean Shollenberger and his GS counterpart, all graduating seniors in CC, SEAS, and GS will be able to enter the lottery for tickets to Barnard’s Commencement ceremony (the one with the President speaking)—which was previously open only to Barnard students. The full email, with the most important parts highlighted, is below:

Dear Graduating General Studies, Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Student,

As you know, Barnard College will welcome President Obama on Monday, May 14th, as their 2012 Commencement speaker.

We are pleased to announce that Barnard has reserved a block of tickets for Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, and General Studies seniors to attend the ceremony on May 14th. For those of you who wish to attend the ceremony where the President will deliver the keynote address, we offer you the opportunity to enter your name into a lottery to receive one of the tickets.

To enter the lottery, please complete the survey by Wednesday, May 2nd at 5:00 p.m. Applicants will be drawn at random and those selected will be notified via email by Monday May 7th. Students will be required to sign a confirmation form upon receiving their ticket. Tickets are non transferable and may not be sold.

Best of luck as you finalize your last papers, problem sets and presentations and prepare for your last final exams as Columbia undergraduates!


Scott Halvorson
Dean of Students
School of General Studies


Kevin G. Shollenberger
Dean of Student Affairs
Columbia College / The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science
Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Student Life
Arts and Sciences

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  1. Why couldn't they do this a while ago?

    Presumably they knew how many seats there were and how many tickets were unclaimed by BC seniors.

    • Anonymous  


      just stop. go away, forever.

    • Anonymous  

      Oh please. It's clear the university administration has been running around like a chicken with its head cut off about this entire issue. Just be happy that this decision gives as many students as possible the chance to hear the President speak, and finally sees the whole Obama situation as what it should be: an opportunity for community solidarity and a celebration of everyone graduating.

  2. The Gray Fox  

    Take that, Barnard!

  3. SEAS '12  

    I wish GS students had been given priority in this lottery. Still, nice to see the university beginning to behave sanely w/r/t Obamanard.

  4. SEAS '12  

    I thought I was done with lotteries determining my fate.

    Time to pray to the lottery gods again....

  5. Anonymous  

    Could you correct KSho's spelling at the top, BWOG? Shollenberger.

  6. Anonymous  

    The fact that GS students are addressed first is a window into the concerns of the Administration.

  7. The only thing I wanted  

    Was my mom to see me graduate..

  8. me  

    oh hey, i'm anonymous! eeeh... let's see.... girls are stupid slutbags! eeh. columbia administration people are nazis who hate us. WHY? whywhywhy?

  9. ARGH

    They won't give tickets, even to a simulcast, to people performing in the three hours before the ceremony, but they'll do a lottery? Barnard, come one, seriously?!

  10. CC'12  

    General Studies students should be the only ones receiving these tickets. It's the least the administration could do after screwing them over...

  11. Anonymous

    Im selling mine

  12. Anonymous

    Where will those hot secret service dudes be the evening prior?

  13. Anonymous

    Sometimes I wonder if Columbia University ever takes into account that those people they are screwing over are the ones who will NOT be donating any money to Columbia after they graduate, and we wonder why our endowment is only 6 billion dollars. So Ridiculous.

  14. GS_Astrophysics '12  

    Nah, as a GS Senior (Citizen?) who won one of the spots, I actually find it way better to share this moment with my friends and classmates in BC, CC, and SEAS. Or is it Fu? Or the School of Mines? Or Columbia Engineering? Seriously Engineers, are you guys trying to avoid debt collectors or something?

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