Some Of These Things Are Not Like The Others

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Because there are few hells fresher than trying to memorize 1,000 PowerPoint slides of paintings you swear never even came up in class, we’ll be helping you study for your Art Hum exam this week with a closer look at some of the syllabus. Bwog’s Profesional Photoshopper/Procrastinator Zach Kagan assures us he’s spent as much (or more) time on the following as Raphael did on his original “Disputation of the Holy Sacrament”see if you can spot the six differences.

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  1. Supremacist  

    Ummm, I'm seeing more than six differences. Because I'm pretty much, kinda sure that everyone was BLACK... especially Jesus. Totally shopped, yeaaah.

    • Anonymous

      These were (Jesus and his cohort at least) Levantine people, so they would have similar skin tone to Lebanese and Syrians, perhaps even darker skin like the Bedouin peoples of the Arabian peninsula.

      • Victor Aaron Alfred Dennis

        Actually they were Jews who lived in Israel so they probably looked more like Jews who live in Israel than Syrians or Lebanese, but in reality all three groups have intermarried so much in the interim that they probably looked like none of them!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah yeah, I meant Jews living in the Levant region, as opposed to European Jews and such. But yes, Jesus & Co. were all obviously Jewish. And Israeli Jews look more like Syrians and Lebanese (other Levantine people) as compared to their Ashkenazi counterparts. Yes, yes, all good stuff.

    • Anonymous  

      except the ninja turtles weren't black. they were green.

  2. Anonymous  

    I think the six differences might be the six things that don't fit the color scheme and blatantly stick out

  3. My spoon  

    is too big.

  4. cc'12  

    that ark is MAHOGANY!

  5. Anonymous  

    im ashkenazi and i'm pretty dark/levantine looking. just saying.

  6. Dr. Jones

    Jehovah begins with an "i"

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