Overheard: Spontaneous Emissions

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Fun fact: there's also a band called Primal Scream—this is them. Seriously. Google it.

Live from Ruggles, a tipster reports overhearing the following coming from somewhere in the shaft:

A few isolated and disjointed shrieks from maybe three voices, and then, “IT’S NOT PRIMAL SCREAM YOU STUPID FUCK!”

Update (Friday, 11:30 am): Our correspondent, who has not moved since submitting this tip last night, reports that the exact same exchange occurred again just minutes ago. ‘Tis most definitely the season.



Fodder for your “adult” fantasies via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    errybody a stupid fuck doe

  2. CC'13  

    is it just me, or does everyone seem a little more tense than usual this finals season?

  3. Anonymous

    my tits hurt, think i might be ovulating during finals.

  4. Also ovulating  

    Mehh, my boobies hurt and I'm bloated as shiiiit! I think it's my right ovary

  5. Not Ovulating  

    Freshies, get yo act together. Orgo on Thursday, Screams & Pillows on Sunday.

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