1. bwog...  

    you guys weren't listening at orgo night. squirrel food posts are passé

  2. Anonymous  

    Not sure if this is an upgrade or a downgrade from Ashton Kutcher in brownface. Popchips markting department, get on your shit.

  3. V117

    Literally squirrels.

  4. i cant wait  

    until 5 years down the line when columbia is overrun with mutated squirrels devouring students.

  5. A fan

    Bwog, you make my life better.

  6. Anonymous  

    only at columbia would people go out of their way to say "concurrently" in this sentence. ruined an otherwise flawless (and cute) post

  7. The Smurfed Ginger  

    That is my brother in arms and we will rise because we are GINGERS!! RISE GINGERS RISE AGAINST THE TYRANNY OF THE BWOG AGAINST FURRY CREATURES. VIST SPéCSUCKS.WORDPRESS.COM, especially lassies like Emily Tamkin

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