Getting To Know Tamar And Her Piano-Driven Pop

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Columbia’s got some of all the world’s most talented people, including but not limited to those guys who can/do eat literally four Wilma’s burgers in a sitting. Bwog caught up with GS freshman Tamar Mardirossian, whose singing talent has scored her lots of attention, an EP, “California,” coming out June 19th on iTunes, and this sweet Wikipedia page. After asking her to sign our chest, we were able to regain composure and ask her a few questions.

Tamar, looking pensive.

Bwog: How’d you get started in the music business?

Tamar: Well, supposedly I was singing before I was talking… but it wasn’t until my parents moved me and my brother to California that I truly got my feet wet in the music industry. I was discovered outside of a strip mall while doing a high school fundraiser, with fellow Columbia (Law) student, David Berman.

One thing lead to another, my web of music connections grew, and I landed my first record deal at the age of 17 with Clive Davis at RCA records.

I deferred my acceptance letter to UC Berkeley and dove straight into to writing and singing as my full-time job.

Bwog: What’s yo’ style?

Tamar: Piano driven pop—my music is all about my lyrics.

Bwog: Do you have a favorite song?

Tamar: Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman.”

Bwog: And now, for the requisite question, who are your inspirations?

Tamar: The classics: Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Carole King. I grew up listening to the songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s.

Bwog: Will you keep singing and writing now that you’re an undergrad?

Tamar: Absolutely. I have basically told my team that for the next 3 ½ years—I’m just finishing up my first semester!—school comes first and everything else comes second. I will work, write, record and promote my music around my school schedule.

Bwog: So, what it’s really like to shoot a music video?

Tamar: Shooting a music video is great! You see a song come to life once you have a visual to go along with it.

I am shooting the music video for “California” – my new single—the 15th and 16th in Palm Springs, CA.

Bwog: Where can we see you perform?!

Tamar: I’ll be performing in NYC throughout the summer. There is a great venue on the Lower East Side called Rockwood Music Hall. (You can check out Tamar’s Facebook and Tumblr for updates.)

Bwog: What’s it like coming back to school?

Tamar: I have learned more in the last four months than I ever thought was possible. I have met some wonderfully interesting people and the professors that I get to interact with daily are incredible. (Professor van Gorkom has gotten me past my fear of numbers.)

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  1. Rockwood Music Hall  

    Is legit one the chillest venues in Manhattan

  2. Anonymous  

    I also look rather pensive in finals. Why does no one take a shot of me and then photoshoop the crap out of it so that if I looked at teh two i would assume i was a smurf on LSD

  3. Anonymous  

    You have an absolute crap music taste.

    But power to you anyway.

  4. Anonymous

    WHAT! She goes to GS!?? Her song, New Day, was the theme for the ABC Family show, Huge. Another GS Celebrity. What a fuckin AMAZING school.

  5. Anonymous

    Tamar, you are insanely hot and talented.

  6. Anonymous

    Billy Joel is such an amazing musician! So is Carole King..
    Come on!!!

  7. shellshocked dude

    I first heard New Day about two years ago and it's seriously gotten +500 plays on my iTunes then


  8. shellshocked dude

    I first heard New Day two years ago and it's seriously gotten +500 plays on my iTunes


    if she did a live at lerner performance...

  9. Alex Donnelly

    AHH! I've been listening to Tamar since 2010 since I first heard "New Day" . Had no idea she went here. Looking forward to hearing the new album!

  10. Anonymous  

    I want to make a comment about GS being awesome or something, but all that comes to mind for this post is "10/10, would bang"

  11. Anonymous

    we have so many famous people going to columbia right now from heirs to pop stars.

  12. Anonymous  

    Is this the difference between Barnard and GS? I think so.

  13. Anonymous  

    her cover of "apologize" is beautiful

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