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Whether you slept through Obama’s 90 minutes on South Lawn or you’re already ready to relive them, you can check out photos of the 2012 Barnard Commencement ceremony below.¬†Send your own photos to, and we’ll add them!

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  1. CC '14

    How was President Obama wearing a Columbia Ph.D robe when Barnard does not award Ph.ds?

  2. Anonymous

    That's a Columbia law/Phd/senior official gown. The better question is why DSpar is wearing Harvard Phd/law gowns. They really should have switched gowns.

    But ultimately, who cares. Congrats Barnard 2012!

    • Anonymous  

      DSpar's PhD is from Harvard, hence she and others (eg Dean Awn) with Harvard doctorates wear the Crimson.

      PrezBo is a Columbia JD, hence the Blue (although as president he could probably elect to wear Blue if he wanted to).

      Obama's robes were a bit confusing, but I would just think of them as being the senior official robes Anonymous alluded to. It seems that typically when doing graduations he wears the PhD robes of the institution. His Columbia heritage was, in this case, probably coincidental to his dress.

  3. only two pictures?

    I thought you guys had photographers

  4. Good to see

    Obama in those CU robes.

    • Anonymous

      Except not really because he was speaking at BARNARD's commencement... Ugh I couldn't care less about the male:female ratio in Morningside heights but I find it so maddening that Barnard students get to wear those Columbia robes that /I/ worked for.

      • You sir  

        Are an ass. Please go away.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, because graduation is all about the robes you wear at graduation. I'm glad you value your education so highly!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          errr, college, not graduation, is all about the robes you wear. it figures i can't make the joke right. yay summer.

        • Anonymous

          There are several reasons why I do not value my Columbia education as much as the world thinks I should, but I'd rather not get into them here.

          But you're right, the diploma is more important than the robes. Not that that's entirely relevant.

      • Anonymous

        You're right. 594 students totally ravaged the robe supply marked "For True Columbians Only" and wore them without University consent to a four-hour function with PrezBo, much to his dismay, in keeping with annual tradition.

        The thing about people like you is that your vaunted Columbia allegiance is hypocritical. If you accept some CU apart from Barnard, you have to accept that *that* CU annually lends Barnard its robes, as it lends Barnard its name on degrees. You clearly didn't Work very hard For Those Columbia Robes if your critical thinking is so weak as to be eclipsed by your despair for validation.

        • Anonymous

          Firstly, my irritation is directed entirely at the Columbia and Barnard administrations, NOT Barnard students. Your sarcasm is rather unnecessary. Additionally, I actually have very little allegiance to Columbia in general, which I know makes me even more easily hate-able (yet I also know that I'm not the only one who doesn't love every aspect of our dear Alma Mater). And frankly, I do think that Barnard students kind of have more fun, and their administration treats them better. And that's a big part of why I feel like if you don't have to suffer through the bad parts of Columbia along with the good, you haven't earned the right to wear those robes (even if the powers that be, like PrezBo, choose to arbitrarily bestow it on you).

  5. Anonymous  

    Dear President, I hope you achieved whatever political goal you were trying to achieve, we get it're a feminist supporter or whatever. I also hope you're aware that you did your BS politically motivated declaration at the expense of the GS students getting screwed, many of whom actually SERVED THIS COUNTRY.

    • Anonymous

      The reason he didn't speak at Columbia isn't just that Barnard is a female institution, it's that Columbia is an Ivy League school.

      Typically, speaking at an Ivy League school in an election year is a big no-no politically. Unfortunately. Thank our current anti-intellectual political atmosphere.

  6. Anonymous

    Just not today man.

  7. obama

    is wearing a columbia doctoral gown with a harvard hood since that is where he got is jd. (jd degrees get doctoral gown.) technically, he should have worn his harvard gown like dspar, but generally invited guests will don the academic attire of the institution they are visiting. however, since he wasn't getting an honorary degree, he was essentially stuck wearing his harvard hood. (at most other institutions, however, besides harvard) the red is the symbol for degrees in religion or theology.

    yea, i know too much about academic attire. sigh.

  8. Anonymous

    Barnard completely aside, even now, still amazed at how Obama snubbed CC. After all of the effort put in by class officers and others, he says no and goes across the street. SMH

  9. Anonymous

    Harvard always wears a red hood, regardless of the specific degree--it's a distinctive Harvard thing.

    Otherwise, red is the color for a Theology degree.

  10. Anonymous

    my post got deleted.


  11. Anonymous

    This is the first and last time I will ever comment about this shit on bwog.

    for all those who continuously hate on Barnard: you are literally wasting your time posting about your hatred, and what exactly do you have to show for it? Bwog posts? Stop concerning yourself with what robes Barnard wears and what is on their diplomas. In all honesty, does it actually affect your daily life? NO. so please, for the love of god, get over it and move on. Its quite pathetic that Ivy league students treat each other with such distain. What every student should take away from their 4 years here is not the rivalry, but the education and the personal connections made with others. And honestly, if you can't seem to do that, I don't think you belong anywhere near this university.

  12. I'm 19...

    and it's 4:30 in the morning, so naturally I decided to get cozy with our good old friend: the bwog comment section. Glad to see that the vitriol is still served hot over the summer!

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