Why Did The PrezBo Cross The Road?

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Actually, he didn’t—at least not on his first attempt. As a parting gift to all of you graduates who made your way across the metaphorical road yesterday—pause for dramatic effect—we wanted to share the following series of photos, sent to us by an anonymous tipster who spent Monday afternoon watching the Obama motorcade and its aftermath.

The PrezBo Parable: Because You’re Not All Alone Out There In The Real World

Trouble comes from the direction we least expect it.

The battle is not always won by the strong.

Necessity is our strongest weapon.

A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.

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  1. Anonymous

    because the overhead bridge was closed

  2. Anonymous  

    Starring PrezBo as Tank Man

  3. Anonymous  

    chronicles of existentialism

  4. Where on earth

    Is the president's security detail?! The Man crossed the street completely unguarded AND without bulletproof Audi?? The Lowe House better look into this...

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