Boringside Heights: Rita, We Hardly Knew Ye Edition

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Whether you’re wallowing in mid-summer discontent after having caught up on all things Hulu, or discovering the god particle and stuff at your internship, we thought we’d let you know that things on our end are just as boring as you left ’em.

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  1. The new Lionshare

    I absolutely loathe it. It's so ugly and unhandy. Couldn't they just have introduced multi-tab browsing while keeping the old layout?

  2. i didnt even check the new lionshare

    but FUCK, it finally upgraded to something that would have been around probably around 2000 or 2001.

    how incredibly pathetic, ivy league my ass. what next, you'll give me inedible cafeteria food or youll make me move out 1 day after my finals? fuck yeah im gonna donate money as an alumni, eat me

  3. Anonymous

    let me upgrade youuu

  4. Anonymous  

    i've decided that my dream career is to be a stock photo model. columbia could use me for the id photos above. my picture would be in picture frames in stores all over the world. i would be famous and it would be awesome. unfortunately, i just can't find those types of jobs on lionshare...

  5. Axel  

    I dont see the connection between lionshare/housing and donating to Columbia. The money doesnt go to reward the people who work here, they dont get five cent of it. Its not like you're giving prezbo a tip for the awesome service at his restaurant. When you donate, most of the money goes towards scholarships. Its a really good cause and its got nothing to do with the administration.

    • uninformed

      my ignorant assumption had been that the more donations, the higher the endowment, or if not, then at least, as you say, the more scholarships they can offer, and it is precisely this sort of increase that makes the administrators look good to the people in charge of whether they keep their jobs. perhaps that's not true?
      either way you are of course still right that, y'know, more scholarship money for students who need it is a good cause regardless.

  6. Anonymous  

    The new ID is too busy.

  7. cc'12


    But how... will I... sneak into bacchanal?!

  8. Anonymous

    What the fuck is Idalena?

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