Don’t look… campus is “indisposed.”

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While most Columbians vegetate in flyover states or work long hours in the beige halls of finance, Columbia prepares herself for the Fall 2012 and the arrival of the class of 2016. (We see you!)

Like the MTA’s, Columbia’s renovations are a patchwork of quick-fixes intended to squeeze a little more life out of really old infrastructure. Here are some pictures of campus under construction.

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  1. My Best Friend  

    is obsessed with jewish women.

    is there some organization i can refer him to for something like, JLA, jewish-lovers anonymous or some shit?

    no one has helped him yet. i would like to help him. somebody has to take the initiative!

    concerned jewish guy who thinks jewish women are just regular chicks, nothing more special as, say, penelope cruz (non jew) or emma watson (non jew)

  2. fulfilling promises

    looks like they're actually fixing the ec entrance!

  3. seriously  

    Campus is all messed up right now. Try walking from NoCo to Journalism. And it's filled with all these high school kids!!!!

  4. which

    building is the 'ugliest' one?

  5. Alum

    My vote for ugliest building goes to Uris. Carman is next. It would take a while before I got to the Schapiro Center.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but with the renovations this summer, this Carman-is-fucking-gross shit needs to stop. Ofc not as pristine as Furnald but better than JJs disgusting conditions (e.g., restrooms) for sure.

      (and wtf, "tosucka" in the captcha?)

  6. Anonymous

    terrible captions

  7. Anonymous

    Columbia does a ton of construction and renovation projects over the summer. Pupin and NoCo renovations continue. A new computer center is under construction in the grove. Pulitzer is being renovated. This is a good thing for all. Yes, Columbia is filled with visitors and high school students and prospective students over the summer. That is also a good thing.

  8. Anonymous

    Man Columbia really can't win with you, bwog. "a series of quick fixes"...if Columbia doesn't do anything, we complain. If columbia does fix things up, we still complain.

  9. The Shadowy Mask  

    I consider this blog to be of poor quality, but that does not prohibit me from disseminating my views using its rather primitive comment system. First of all, the spectator is a news paper which does not deserve your readership, and second, you should read the official "spec sucks" blog, because it is better than this blog on several counts.

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