“Roll on the Floor Laughing your ass off ???”

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History repeats itself, 2016. Prefrosh Facebook one another. Sometimes, they plan parties. This year, they’ve been inspired by Mean Girls, the 2004 teen comedy starring cute Lindsay Lohan.

Props for partying in honor of a movie you were ten years old for, 2016.

Those are pretty good quotes, to be fair, and these prefrosh clearly love the idea of Columbia. If only we could buy some of their enthusiasm on the street and then smoke it behind IAB.


One more screenshot after the jump. Teaser quotes: “Oh goodie.. Condoms are on me! <—-that was a joke….unless….lol jk” and “’re not going to Columbia?”

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  1. Anonymous

    Darron Kinney, is that you?!

  2. Anonymous

    read the fine print

  3. First

    hottest prefrosh to turn 18 is on me. I called it.

    - 28yro Columbia PhD Student, '14

  4. My Best Friend  

    is obsessed with jewish women.

    i wonder if there are any prefrosh who are also obsessed with jewish women and whose best friends would like to help them out too?

    is there some organization i can refer him to for something like, JLA, jewish-lovers anonymous or some shit?

    no one has helped him yet. i would like to help him. somebody has to take the initiative!

    come. let us join hands in this fight.

    concerned jewish guy who thinks jewish women are just regular chicks, nothing more special as, say, penelope cruz (non jew) or emma watson (non jew)

  5. Anonymous

    Newfags can't triforce

  6. Anonymous

    Yo Bwog, maybe your readers should take a look at this:

  7. Anonymous

    I feel like Bwog comments are even worse during the summer...

  8. uhhhh  

    SEXXX IN THE CITAYY. '12 for life.

  9. Anonymous

    Most of them are 18. That being said I feel like a prospect list is in order.

  10. I make a motion

    to host a 'rager' for the prefrosh during NSOP and serve nothing but non-alcoholic beer and virgin daquiri's. Then watch how many of them get 'fucked up' while we actually do. I'm sure they'll come as long as there's Skrillex playing.

  11. Anonymous

    Mean Girls without Mean would just be Girls. We wouldn't want that now.....

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