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While we in America celebrate the signing of some yellowed document, physicists around the globe are engaging in a less nationalistic, but equally historic celebration: the elusive Higgs Boson, the “missing piece” in our current understanding of the subatomic world, has been confirmed to five standard deviations of significance. This discovery was made using the most expensive scientific apparatus in human history: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Despite the overwhelming statistical likelihood of the LHC’s discovery, ever-skeptical scientists still wonder whether the observed particle displays all of the characteristics of the Higgs as predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics. If it does, this discovery will definitively confirm over fifty years of theoretical development; if it doesn’t, it will alert physicists to the existence of particles beyond those described by the Standard Model, paving the way for a new era in fundamental physics (and more expensive¬†experiments).

If you’re not into grilling in Central Park, it’s something to celebrate alone, in front of your computer.

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  1. Anonymous

    You missed that may of the top US physicists all met at Columbia University today to watch the lectures live.

  2. Anonymous  

    Any chance the physics dept will be hosting some lectures to the public to help explain this to us poor mortals? That's be awesome.

    • Anonymous

      There's a colloquium tomorrow, Friday June 6th, in Room 428 of Pupin Hall at 1:00PM to explain the Higgs Boson and the significance of this confirmation by Professor Gustaaf Brooijmans.

  3. Anonymous

    Of Montreal AND a boner joke?! Bwog, I think I'm in love.

  4. Anonymous

    I always thought the fourth of July was the day we remembered the heroic efforts of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum who fought courageously against alien overlords and successfully infiltrated their mothership in order to blow it up and save us all. Unfortunately, we would later discover that they had not killed all the aliens, hence why will smith was recruited by MIB, while Jeff Goldblum decided to become a dinosaur park inspector.

  5. Anonymous

    silly scientists, this just proves god exists, but you could have just opened a bible and known that ;)

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