Name That Dean (The Sequel)

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Update, 7/8: The nominations are in and here are the finalists. Vote for your favorite!

What should Dean Goldfarb's new nickname be?

  • Goldean (46%, 310 Votes)
  • Farby (23%, 156 Votes)
  • The Don (14%, 97 Votes)
  • DoGo (13%, 89 Votes)
  • Gold McDonald's Farb (3%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 670

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It’s that time of year again, when a dean resigns, and the next in line needs a nickname. Today, that is Interim SEAS Dean Donald Goldfarb. We tried to come up with some ourselves:

  • Old McDonald’s Farb
  • The Farber of Seville
  • Farby
  • Battlefarb Galactica
  • Farby’s
  • Farbohydrate
  • Starvin’ Farbin
  • Ziggy Farbdust
  • Chicken Farbesan
  • Farbie
  • GoFa

Suffice it to say, we need a little help. Leave suggestions in the comments and we’ll make a poll next week with the 5 best names, as decided by a complicated scientific procedure that also involves math. If your name wins, you’ll earn glory which will last from when Goldfarb is confirmed until he, in turn, resigns.

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  1. Anonymous

    he has an algorithm named in part after him: BFGS. so his name should be BFG.

  2. Anonymous  

    Dean CashfarbGold

  3. Where's my Milano?


  4. wait

    I thought we already agreed on Goldfart????

  5. Anonymous

    I like Farbie.

  6. Anon2219  

    Wait is DoGo really not a suggestion?

  7. Anonymous

    Donald Golduck

  8. Anonymous

    The Goldfarber

  9. "the Don"

    his name is "The Don"

  10. Jacob the applied mathematician


    Look it up.

  11. Anonymous

    Farbie McGoldilocks

  12. how about

    Dean Fuckface.

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

  13. I got one  

    GoldDean #pokemon4ever

  14. Anonymous

    i like Old McDonald’s Farb

  15. I think it should be

    Mr Cats Cradle McGee

    Then we can dress him up in a lil hat, would be sooo cute, pinch his lil cheeckies and such

  16. anon

    i like farbie. i vote for farbie

  17. How's about?

    The DonGol Horde?

  18. The Town Drunkard  

    Farbie Donald on the wine-dark SEAS.

  19. Anonymous

    Goldfarb Sachs

  20. the good doctor


  21. Anonymous  

    Deanald Goldfarb

  22. Anonymous

    Farb East Movement

  23. SEAS '14

    Easy. Goldean.

  24. ladyfingers

    Don the Dean
    Don Juan[farb]
    Donnie Farbo
    Don Drapefarb
    Ronald McDonald Goldfarb

  25. Anonymous

    The Farber of SEASville

  26. Anonymous

    Dean Farbergé

  27. Anonymous

    Not Gold McDonald's Farb?

    Also, Bwog, this is the third dean naming competition: Hinkson -> AHinks, Valentini -> Deantini. So it's not "the sequel" [title].

  28. Anonymous

    one more vote for The Godfarber

  29. AJ Luzarraga  

    Fab Farb!

  30. Barnard Freshman

    Why not PrettyKitty101?

  31. Anonymous

    How is this a sequel? Ahinks + deantini = third contest, not second

  32. Alum '12

    Professor Farbsworth! Or Ol' FarbSEAS!

  33. they all suck

    try this: the situation


    the farbtuation

    like when a pack of freshmen chicks giggle and act all impressed at his abs, he yells "yeaah! that's it right here! looks like we got a farbtuation right here!"

  34. Anonymous

    I would like to register my peevedness that my suggestion The Goldfarber didn't make it to the final round... now I have to wait until the next dean resigns next summer...

  35. costanza.jpeg

    >not using bulbapedia

  36. Anonymous  

    The Godfarber OR Goldfinger

  37. Anonymous

    How about "the Donald"

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