Proof That the Sun Revolves Around Manhattan

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In a combination of astronomy and municipal history, the “Manhattanhenge” phenomena, “discovered” by Columbia’s own Neil DeGrasse Tyson, occurs today and tomorrow (July 11 and 12) at sunset. For more information about the science involved, Scientific American’s blog has some interesting background (and a tool to determine”-henge” moments in other cities), and Wikipedia has a nifty explanatory graph.

Rumor has it that the best locations for sunset viewing are 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, 57th Streets.

illustration via Manolith

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  1. Anonymous

    omg that's so exciting!!

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  3. Hipster photography  

    Brace yourself...instagrams are coming

  4. Anonymous

    "Phenomenon" is the singular. "Phenomena" is the plural. #corrections

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