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For those still in need of a sublet, President Obama’s former 109th street walk-up is on the market for $2,400/month. Sit in the same corner that Obama used to burn stogies with Sohale Siddiqi or talk sports with his buddy, Phil Boerner. Hell, if you’re lucky, you might even get to use the same toilet. WNYC describes it as a “two bedroom Harlem apartment […] with exposed brick, a galley kitchen and ‘generous closet space'” (between Amsterdam and Columbus is Harlem?).  There are two listings on CitiHabitats, both urging prospective tenants to “Live Like the President!!!.” Nine inquiries have already been made as of Wednesday evening, so act fast unless you want to sleep in the nearby alley (get it, cause like that’s what Obama did on his first night).

Live Like the President!!! Barack Obama’s former apartment is now on the market for rent. Be a part of history and live where the President lived while he attended Columbia University. Who knows, you just might end up in the White House one day. The apartment is a two bedroom, one bath located on West 109 Street. Fully renovated with lots of charm – including exposed brick, high ceilings, a marble bath and hardwood floors. The apartment also features a galley kitchen, generous closet space, and best of all, its unbeatable dinner conversation! Call today to see this two bedroom home – it’s unique in so many ways.

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  1. it's perfect!

    also, all my dealers live on that block

  2. Why?

    Would anyone want to live in this piece of shit?

  3. SEAS Analogy Bro

    That's like saying I want to break into a museum to wear FDR's old smelly underwear without washing them (in order to maintain its authenticity and ass residue) just so I can physically touch something a former President of the United States had touched.

  4. My goy friend  

    wanted to know if this room came with a cute female Jewish roommate?

    He didn't actually ask but I'm simply being a good pal and asking for him before he realizes he has the need for it.

    would like to schedule a tour of the residence.


    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up with all these shitty allusions to that piece of crap jewish satire that some retard wrote by pressing his asshole to the keyboard. it wasn't clever. just shitty (by virtue of its origins).

  5. Anonymous

    That is pricey for the neighborhood. More like 1800.

  6. Anonymous

    Now don't complain undergrads when you pay 6-7 thousand for the year in much better buildings in much better neighborhood with security and doormen on campus.

    • Anonymous

      What people always forget is that most of us live with roommates, so the effective "rent" is very expensive.

      Doubles should be significantly less expensive, and they aren't...

      • observer

        That's because if the university charged market rent with most desirable housing (EC and/or large singles) costing much more and less desirable (doubles/Wien) costing much less, the egalitarians would complain that the rich kids have better housing.

        I would agree that doubles should be much less than singles - but the price floors are there to keep up the false notion that housing choices should not be subject to price discrimination.

        • Anonymous

          Also why Book of Mormon is sold out until the Second Coming yet costs the same as any other show. Theaters are owned by like a dozen people total and none of them wants to live down a New York Times "oh no tickets are so expensive what about the pooooor" article at the next cocktail party.

  7. Anonymous

    It's more like 8k

  8. Anonymous

    Romney's Bedford closet is bigger than this apartment.

  9. You People....  

    Ann Romney's gaping piehole is bigger than this apartment.

  10. Does anyone know

    if the walls still smell like weed?

    • They say

      that late at night, residents of the room would report that not only the walls beginning to smell like burnt weed, but a very large and not so athletic african man in a wife-beater would pop out of the walls and smoke the weed as well before returning to the dark depths of the apartment. All attempts to communicate with the apparition have failed but he continues to haunt students who sleep in the apartment.

  11. Anonymous

    presbo's daugther married yesterady - in theNYT

  12. Speaking of NYTimes Weddings...

    this is the kind of good looking & young power couple that i want to be in:

    only thing is, that guy doesnt have an ivy league degree

  13. Anonymous

    Any more updates? Procrastination is hard to come by.

  14. The rent

    is too damn high.

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