Two New Sororities Coming to Columbia…Eventually

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Late last night, we a tip of the anonymous sort that PanHell (Columbia’s PanHellenic Council, the umbrella group for the AXO, DG, SDT, and Theta sororities) will be choosing between four sororities that want to establish chapters at Columbia: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Two of these four, said the tipster, will be eventually allowed to establish a colony and a chapter.

Because nothing incentivizes TV in bed/never moving over doing our own shoe-leather reporting like the summertime, we turned to the Spec for the full report. Turns out PanHell has wanted to bring more sororities to campus for a while, since so many female students choose to go Greek. One sorority chapter will be established this fall in time for January recruitment, and a second chapter will be established in spring of 2015, according to Spec.

Check Bwog for more updates (and a bevy of tags that incorporate “sisterhood” puns) as we learn more over the next few weeks.

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  1. Anonymous

    KILL ME NOW!!!!!

  2. really?

    this was decided about 8 months ago. why is bwog so behind the times?

  3. Informed

    Guarantee the first one will be Gamma Phi Beta. The Director of Greek Life and her assistant were both GPBs in college.

  4. Texan

    Look up the KKG "kappa rap 2" on YouTube---Baylor U

  5. Why would

    I read spec bwog when this article's main source is Spec. I'm not even a Spec fan or troll but Bwog's has gone way down since freshman

    points of action:

    new staff
    better reporting


  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    Not gonna be Kappa if Theta has anything to do with it

  8. Truth  

    What is dumb about this post is that you didn't just put the link here. Now I have to do all this extra work to watch your silly video. Internet fail.

  9. Woods, Elle

    What about Delta Nu?

  10. Anonymous

    as long as these new sororities promote promiscuity. too many prudes on campus ruins the fun for all of us

  11. my odds

    of banging sorority chicks just increased.

  12. Anonymous


  13. Anonymous

    ... Greek orgs dont belong at Columbia. They add nothing to the larger community, since they only mix with themselves, and they brim much bad.

    1. Op ivy league
    2. Even though Barnard rules state that all organizations mug be open to all, they are funded for some reason
    3. Stupidity
    4. More networking finance folks

    • Anonymous

      Dunno - all I know is that some of the least pretentious nicest people I met @ Columbia were in greek orgs

    • Anonymous

      so sorry you didn't get any bids! don't worry—its probably not you. just none of the sororities thought you were a good fit for them!

      • Anonymous  

        What's annoying is that so many people in "Greek life" blame people hating them on those people "not getting bids" when in actuality most people have zero desire to be involved in Greek life, and hate them because they are vapid and for the most part, wholly unecessary organizations that detract from the school.

  14. Anonymous

    I hate to be *that* commenter, but... it just makes me very pessimistic about humanity, or at least the kind of subset of humanity that represents our school, to know that we'd entertain the possibility of introducing a chapter of the sorority that was behind this omewhat recent scandal:

    then again, we already decided to accept SAE, which was behind the OTHER big recent news story:

    Sure, a Columbia chapter is different from others (maybe), but why be a chapter of that sorority, then? and how can we know if we don't have a chapter?

  15. Speaking of sororities

    Has anyone ever complained about the cultural appropriation on the tank tops that AXO made recently? I think they were supposed to look "80s retro" or something but they also maybe had dream catchers printed on them? I was surprised no one made an issue of it.

  16. Anonymous

    It's "Panhellenic" not "PanHellenic".

    This mistake is made on every single Greek life post.

  17. blunt

    lighten up everybody

  18. Anonymous

    Just out of curiosity, is it actually difficult to get into a sorority? or do most people who rush have options.

  19. Anonymous

    where my zetas at? where my where my zetas at? wooooo

    wait, no one has watched housebunny...awk

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