Overheard: Authentic French Dining

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At Le Monde’s bar, a portly man—apparently a manager of sorts—blowing haute air with two old, midwestern friends who were visiting the city.

They ask him about working so close to Columbia, with the students and all.

Yeah, but we keep it too expensive for the kids. Mostly professors and faculty in here.

They agree: That makes good business sense. Pesky kids. The fat man, gesturing to his guests’ drinks, looks over to the bartender,

Hit them again, sweetheart.

Grateful for the extra dose of white wine, the couple daintily cheers, and then curiously turn back to the previous question. He must take advantage of the cheap, collegiate labor, they reason.

No we don’t hire students. Ever! They are so… entitled. Ya know? Mel’s down the street hires those kids. The service is TERRIBLE!  [deep belly laugh] We hire more… of the artist type. Ya know, singers and actors

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  1. Anonymous

    very VERY true, except for the members of the Columbia Bartending Agency. Those kids know how to serve graciously and demurely. When serving bacon-wrapped scallops at a snobby Upper East Side private party, I like to repeat Brad Pitt's advice to Matt Damon in Ocean's Eleven over and over in my head; "Be specific, but not memorable. Be funny, but don't make him laugh. He's got to like you, then forget you once you leave."

  2. I graduated and moved away.

    Why do I still check Bwog?

  3. Anonymous

    What was the point of this post?

  4. Anonymous

    well, fuck le monde's bar .

  5. party down

    hyper link for the epic win. bwog just won millions of points in my book.

  6. lolol

    at le monde's being's average for NYC. it's expensive for what you get. the food, except for the omelettes, is mediocre at best. that's why students don't go: because they won't tolerate expensive bad food (whereas certain...older...members of the community will, just to get away from "the kids")--here's to the day when le monde and the other terrible, terrible restaurants in morningside--il cibreo, mel's, cascabel, havana central, etc., looking at you--shut down.

  7. well that does it

    everybody grab yer pitchforks

  8. Anonymous

    and I like Mel's! Although what is up with them not serving fries with their burgers!

  9. Anonymous

    Coumbia's 28,000 students and 20,000 faculty, employees and staff, will make or break your business. So, I would be nice to Columbia.

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