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According to tipsters, AJ, one-seventh of the Korean boy band U-KISS, will be officially joining the Columbia student body this fall.  In fact, he “safely arrived at the Columbia University a few days ago” “and was busy to finish some works prior to the beginning of the semester!”

We’re not sure which one is AJ (here’s a non-airbrushed Twitter pic), but enjoy the video.

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  1. Anonymous

    They're Korean.

  2. Classically trained pianist

    I rarely listen to pop, but this is actually pretty good. Repeat. :)

  3. Plub

    There can be only one.

  4. Anonymous

    I think AJ's the one rapping in 1:00-1:22

  5. Anonymous

    Why has the title of this post changed 3 times? That says something about how often I check Bwog, but still.

  6. The Really Cute African-American Kid  


  7. Anonymous

    what's the acronym? i don't get it...

  8. Nice!

    The Starcraft team is already recruiting him!

  9. Anonymous

    #sexy #funny #cool

  10. CC Fangirl

    AJ is the math geek at "don't deny our R squared pi" 3:06

  11. Anonymous

    He is the Asian Bieber, only bigger and smarter.

  12. John

    If it's not Gangnam Style, it doesn't matter.

  13. right around 1:20

    he says "niga!"

    i think that's what african kid was referring to LOL

  14. To Bwog

    Some news media say that AJ will be at Columbia for five months. Is he a temporary exchange student or a full time? I am confused. Can you help clarify this?

  15. Anonymous

    1:00 to 1:21 is AJ.

  16. vina

    AJ is the tallest one who's doing rapp on the first part..^^ Goodluck AJ..?! we'll witing for you..

  17. withJSK

    what' major's he study???

  18. Anonymous

    Well watch one of his performance of Eeny, meeny, miny, moe (a U-KISS japanese song), if you want to know him more. Below is the link.

  19. Anonymous

    They're not saying niga like the word you're thinking about, 'niga' in Korean means 'you' so next time you hear K-Pop, don't be offended, haha.

  20. ubiquitous

    AJ is the one who composing this title track for U-KISS latest album :D
    Please take care of AJ.. we missed him like crazy even he just leave for only 5 months!! Please be good to AJ :DD He`s cute ,funny and smart :DD

    he`s the one with the shortest hair with yellow highlight in this MV :D
    please snaps some pics for us as he seldom to upload pics,hehehe..
    Thanks :D

  21. ubiquitous

    AJ compose main title track for U-KISS latest album, believe :D
    He`s the one with shortest and highlighted hair :DD

  22. Anonymous

    I was so surprised you posted the MV saying that "We are not sure which one is AJ"
    Don't you think he will be sad when he sees this article???

  23. Jacque

    This is a little funny to me... I hope Jaeseops treated well at the college. -hates using his English name omg its so boring-

  24. Anonymous

    ...did this really need to happen? So what if he's in a Korean group - is that really relevant to his going to school? No; it's not. To any of the fans writing messages on here, and to the ones who originally set this whole thing off - just think for a moment how you've taken his school experience already and made it about yourselves Back off; you don't need to know things about his school life. He's barely even started it, and you don't even know if he wanted anybody to know about this. I apologise for adding to this even with this comment, but I felt it had to be said.

    • Jacque

      Well to be honest, AJ spoke about it to his fans on twitter so it's not like KISSME are totally disrespecting him by speaking about it.

      But yeah good luck to him and his schooling experience!

  25. Anonymous

    Actually UKISS is promoting in Japan right now. There will be an album released in September I believe and AJ is still in it and in the upcoming music video.

  26. Eve

    AJ is the one of the best idol in Korea and Japan. If you want to know more about him, just search Kissme around the world. He is really good in composing music too, He made 3 or 4 song for his band too. So please take care him there ^^

  27. Samantha

    AJ oppa all the best in your studies we will wait for you oppa take care, all the best in your studies we believe you and we will wait for you to come back fighting! We love you

  28. yo dawgz

    why iz nobuds commentin or surprised that finally a good lookin azn dude is coming to campus? good luck wit da ladies fellow non whitie

    - good lookin black dude

  29. Bana

    I hope Jaeseop does well! No matter what, KISS-MEs will still be proud~!

  30. aziraaaa

    AJ is the one who hold dongho's shoulder in 0330 movie :) ilove him so much XD

  31. Anonymous

    Was this really necessary? AJ is going to Columbia to study, not to entertain you. If he agrees to do the interview then great, but otherwise please just leave him alone. Also, please don't give updates about AJ's progress without his permission.

  32. Anonymous

    I probably won't be able to tell him apart from the other Korean kids at school

  33. eve

    Well, some ppls can leave a bad message but, for sure, AJ doesn't know about this article. He go to school for study, and as a fans we proud because he can go to Columbia University, and he accepted there because his brain, not because his status as an idol. So please, respect him, respect his hard work. Don't give such a lame comment if you don't know about him.

  34. finally

    he's going to take the music humanities.

  35. Anonymous

    let me clear this up. UKISS debuted in Japan on August 15, 2008 first then in Korea on August 28, 2008. Their debut in Japan is not official on Aug. 15, 2008. They made their official debut in Japan last year

  36. kissme forever

    u-kiss saranghae......AJ please do you best ...we kissme are gona wait for u

  37. Anonymous

    Help CU Gen recruit him! :D

  38. Anonymous

    i believe he's in GS

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