Eating From The Appletree Inspires Doubt

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More good stuff from r/Columbia; this time, suspicious use of scare quotes at Appletree:

“Food” from imgur

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  1. Anonymous

    While the humor is obvious and appreciated, my loyalty to Appletree deserve some equal time! Kudos to Marilyn and staff for being the best M'side Heights has to offer. Higher quality and lower prices. Attempts to really respond to their constituency. Open 24/7. Aisles, while narrow, that one can actually navigate through. And just the charm that is totally missing from WestSide and (gasp!!!) scary/hostile Morton-Williams. (I will never forget the time that Marilyn devoted to my hunt for Quinoa in the store and her sincere interest in my "story".)

    Bravo Appletree!

  2. appletree devotee  

    those quotes have always been there. at least, I know the "fresh" one has been there for at least a year.

    but in response to the other comment - appletree, low prices? are we talking about the same place?

    • GS '12

      you are preaching to the "choir" about the prices, and i totally agree with where you are coming from, but given the neighborhood and compared to the typical Columbian shopping sites (Westside & Dreaded Morton-Williams), I think Appletree is a bargain. Not Met Food or Associated, true. But still...


    nothing at appletree is fresh and everything looks dirty

  4. #truth

    If you're being COMPLETELY honest with yourself, this picture probably made you laugh and shit yourself at the same time. As it is, most of the time in America we have no clue what we are eating. 90% of our "chicken" is probably pink slime and our "fresh" food is probably still pumped full of preservatives (and God knows what else). Poorly placed quotation marks, while momentarily funny, only reiterate the doubt and enigma....

  5. Fuck Appletree

    Only vaguely related, but fuck everything about Appletree. They charged me $0.40 (approx) "sales tax" on a free sandwich i got with my loyalty card. I tried to explain that that's not how sales tax works, and they're just charging me for the sandwich, but they wouldn't budge. Anyway, worst $0.40 I ever spent.

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