Spotted: Crossing Disciplines

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  1. SEAS '14/Awesome Poet

    I always see,
    The floor before me,
    Lined with pee,
    All yellow and sticky.
    Before the urinal,
    The urine, aerial,
    Had missed its mark.
    And now my sneakers sit where it doth park.

  2. Anonymous

    /r/Barnard will just be pictures of food

  3. Anonymous

    that's a shitty poem

  4. The Fecal Sonneteer '13  

    A glaze of urine 'pon the tiled floor
    A smear of shit that covers yonder seat
    And as I sit and try to lock the door
    I wonder what my predecessor eats.

    A sandwich from Milano would not cause
    Such grim eruptions from the straining bowel
    And as I pinch a loaf, I think and pause
    To wonder if that smear was fish or fowl.

    O gentle fish! O you who swim the deep!
    O feathered friends, without deceit or wit!
    How sad that from a poisoned ass you'll creep
    Hastily digested into shit.

    As all these thoughts churned up as there I sat
    I left the seat quite filthy where I shat.

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