Houses And Homes: Italy

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Bwog wants to know what your living space was like for this past summer. Were you back home? Staying in New York? Did you find yourself (abroad?)?  Send us a photo of your view or room before you move out, along with a brief description of where you were to To kick things off…

Where: Delianuova, Italy

Sight:the olde country

Sound: Old woman across the way clipping up laundry to dry, yelling at a little boy who keeps getting in her way.  Two men with loud snare drums marching through town preparing for the Ferragosto festival.

Smell: My grandmother is frying zucchini flowers downstairs in the kitchen and it smells like nature.

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  1. Anonymous

    I lived in a closet over in UES.

  2. Anonymous

    this series is going to get real pretentious real fast

  3. Anonymous

    Sound: Faucet dripping.

    Smell: Mildew.

    Location: I don't know plz help

  4. Anonymous

    anyone else expecting to see Apollonia Corleone come around that corner in the car?

  5. a

    do cazzu e' delianuova?

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