Houses And Homes: Home Sweet Home

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Bwog asked what your living space was like this past summer, and many of you answered. Yesterday was Columbia’s official move-in day, though, which means we have to stop living in denial and accept that summer really is over. Tipster Grace R finishes off our series with a reminder of the months to come…

Where: Where else? New Jersey

Sight: Bwog of course, a 9/10ths of the way complete Model UN background guide, a list of classes that I still have to register for, and Season 4 of a mediocre show called Eureka, which I’m fairly certain is the only thing Netflix has left to offer me.

Smell: The stench of post-internship, post-vacation malaise, a slightly beachy, not entirely unpleasant fragrance from the suitcases I’m refusing to unpack, and the ever-present, somewhat paradoxical aroma of body odor and axe deodorant that seeps from under my 13 year old brother’s door.

Sound: My brother shouting because he wants a ride somewhere, my mom shouting because someone cancelled her recording of Rachel Maddow from yesterday, my dad shouting because everyone else is, and he’s trying to nap.

Taste: Columbia, in the “so-close-I-can-taste-it” figurative sense, and stale Wegman’s brand corn chips in the literal.

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  1. anon  

    "...Mediocre show called ___ , which I’m fairly certain is the only thing Netflix has left to offer me."


  2. Gh

    This description is classic. Whoever wrote this made me smile today.
    Thank you

  3. Former NJ resident

    this makes me sad. New jersey in the summer--granted, we may be from different parts--is as magical as any of the other Houses and Homes: fireflies, blueberries, evening jazz concerts in the park, Fourth of July parades, kids running around with glowsticks. Even the Shore has a really great culture with retro motels, the Stone Pony, teenagers on dates at carnivals, pancake houses, bed & breakfasts, kitsch, and thousands of colorful beach umbrellas. It's too bad that Grace R is jaded and/or that New Jersey's stereotypical representation happens to be her experience of it. Guess I should have sent in my own picture.

    • Grace R.  

      Hey man, I love New Jersey. I'm going to add Princeton and the Sourlands and Lambertville and antiques and pie and porkroll and Kevin Smith to your list. I'm just saying that at a certain point New Jersey is New Jersey and while it will always be home we're all really just waiting to be somewhere else.

  4. Anonymous

    This series was sorta like a pretentious instagram feed. Pretentious because of the description... But I did enjoy the pictures.

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