Bwog asked what your living space was like this past summer, and many of you answered. Yesterday was Columbia’s official move-in day, though, which means we have to stop living in denial and accept that summer really is over. Tipster Grace R finishes off our series with a reminder of the months to come…

Where: Where else? New Jersey

Sight: Bwog of course, a 9/10ths of the way complete Model UN background guide, a list of classes that I still have to register for, and Season 4 of a mediocre show called Eureka, which I’m fairly certain is the only thing Netflix has left to offer me.

Smell: The stench of post-internship, post-vacation malaise, a slightly beachy, not entirely unpleasant fragrance from the suitcases I’m refusing to unpack, and the ever-present, somewhat paradoxical aroma of body odor and axe deodorant that seeps from under my 13 year old brother’s door.

Sound: My brother shouting because he wants a ride somewhere, my mom shouting because someone cancelled her recording of Rachel Maddow from yesterday, my dad shouting because everyone else is, and he’s trying to nap.

Taste: Columbia, in the “so-close-I-can-taste-it” figurative sense, and stale Wegman’s brand corn chips in the literal.