The Semi-Annual Economics Slumber Party

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Last night the economics department held their semi-annual departmental slumber party.  Party-goers celebrated with a screening of Heathers, a sighting of Bloody Mary in the 10th floor IAB bathroom, and a particularly risque game of Truth or Dare.  Xavier’s hand was stuck in a cup of water (allegedly by formerly trustworthy TA Carlos), Jeff Sachs snuck out the window to make a beer run, and Gulati’s bra ended up in the freezer.  For party favors this morning, the department gave out spots in various senior seminars to those brave students who lasted through the night.

future business leaders of america

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  1. don't be scared

    just get two mirrors, bwog!

  2. Junior Econ Major  

    Wait, but I don't understand. What is this and should I have been there? COLUMBIA WHY ARE YOU SO SECRETIVE AND CONFUSING.

  3. Anonymous

    This has to be a fire hazard.

    Dear Economics Dept: set up an online system. Or change to a lottery.

  4. Anonymous

    No it always goes to crazy intense's bull shit! It doesn't have to be this way!!

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