Pregame with Pizza

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Tonight is the first Thursday of the year, so be smart and fill up with charitable carbs before you head out into the wine-dark night. Peer Health Exchange is hosting an event at 8 pm in the East Ramp Lounge in Lerner. If our helpful graphic wasn’t enough, there will be pizza at this event. Just be sure to brush up on your health activism in between greasy bites. No word on whether the pies will be Koronet’s or V&T’s.

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  1. Anonymous  

    I've had pretty bad diarrhea for the past two days.

  2. We need help bwog

    That's ok for you CC folk, but us SEAS guys are going solo tonight. How the hell do I get rid of my cum after I'm done - the trash chutes are locked. I guess the same applies with couples with their condoms. Do I just toss my cum bag into a trashcan outside?

  3. Anonymous

    Why is there no "koronay" tag on this post?

    shit bwog get it together

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